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Beams to Sell Life-Sized Pikachu Plushie

Japanese clothing chain Beams is getting ready to launch a new Pikachu plush doll that is said to be life-sized. Before you start to wonder whether there’s a real life version of Pikachu, we’re taking it to mean that it measures the same as Pikachu would if it were real (although we have no problems with a Pikachu actually existing. We’re not THAT close-minded, come on.)

New Super Smash Bros. Screens Feature Pikachu’s Thunder Attack

We haven’t had much Pokemon on the site lately, but thanks to Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai, we’ll finally get some much needed pocket monster content on the barn again. This time around, it’s a screenshot from the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, and it’s showcasing the thunder attack of our favorite yellow electric rodent, Pikachu.

Nintendo eShop Offers Pokemon: BW Rival Destinies

Nintendo eShop Offers Pokemon: BW Rival Destinies

Nintendo has recently started offering episodes of the fifteenth overall season of the Pokemon anime franchise, titled Pokemon: BW Rival Destinies. Currently, ten episodes have been uploaded to the Nintendo eShop, with plans to add five episodes per week until December 26.

Pokemon: BW Rival Destinies is the second series in the Best Wishes! Series and features one of the most popular protagonists in the series, Ash Ketchum, his Pikachu and his new friends Iris and Cilan. The series takes them on a journey from Nimbasa City all the way through the Unova region. The series will also pit Ash with rival Clay.

The schedule for the release of each episode batch is Thursday, and all episodes that have been released will be made available on the eShop until January 4, 2014 so you should catch up now if you’ve missed it the first time around. The full schedule:

Upcoming Pokemon Game Will Have Pikachu as a Talking Detective

Upcoming Pokemon Game Will Have Pikachu as a Talking Detective

A few days ago, the Pokemon Company teased a new Pokemon videogame that’s not going to be part of the main series. When they recently unveiled this top secret new game, it became clear why it’s being distanced from the main franchise – because it features the popular electric rodent Pikachu doing something that people won’t expect him to do: talk, and solve mysteries.

The reveal came via the latest episode of “Professional-Style of Work,” which is a show on Japanese TV network NHK. The episode featured Pokemon producer and current CEO of the Pokemon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara revealing the game and Pikachu’s role as the player’s senior detective partner.

Pokemon X’s Xerneas Makes its Way to Super Smash Bros.


By now, we’re assuming that Pokemon fans who were planning to take a stab at the recently released Pokemon X and Y already have their own copies, and have already picked their own starters. However, it would seem like Nintendo doesn’t want your experience with the new breeds to stop with the Nintendo 3DS, as the official Super Smash Bros. website has just been updated with another daily pic. Most people will only recognize the grinning Pikachu, but if you look closely at the thing that’s in his background, you’ll recognize yet another pokemon.

A New Pokemon Game Based on Pikachu is on the Way


If Pokemon X and Y is not enough to satiate your hunger for all things Pokemon, the Pokemon Company has got you covered, as they are working on another game from the extremely popular monster-collecting franchise. This time, it’s going to be a boon to long-time fans as it will focus on one of the most iconic characters in the franchise – Pikachu.

New Pokemon XY Anime Trailer Features the Kalos Region

pokemon the series xy

It’s only a few days before the Pokemon XY anime starts airing in Japan on October 17 (along with the two-episode preview that will air in the US on October 19), but the promotional gears are still turning. The latest comes in the form of a new trailer that provides decent amount of footage and information in its 1 and a half minute runtime.

The new Pokemon XY anime trailer focuses on some of Ash and Pikachu’s adventures in the Kalos Region, and also serves up a brief introduction for some of the additional cast members. You can watch the video after the cut:

Pokemon Rumble U Makes its Way to North America This August


The North American release date for the upcoming Pokemon Rumble U has been revealed, with its eShop debut being pencilled in for August 29, 2013. In spite of not being the first installment in the Pokemon Rumble franchise, Rumble U is still being watched closely by fans as it is the first time that Pokemon will take advantage of NFC (Near Field Communication) figurines, which takes its cue from the popular Skylanders videogame and toy franchise.

Deleted Conker’s Bad Fur Day Scene Features Pikachu Getting Beat Up

Deleted Conker's Bad Fur Day Scene Features Pikachu Getting Beat Up

One of the consequences of the Nintendo 64 cartridges being successfully dumped, aside from allowing people to re-play games from their childhood via emulators on the PC, is that ROM hackers were able to tinker with the games themselves, resulting in new cheat codes, modifications, and in the case of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, finding content that was never meant for the public to see.

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