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The Walt Disney Signature Collection Welcomes Pinocchio Into the Fold

During D23’s recent Destination D: Amazing Adventures event at Walt Disney World Resort, Tyler Slater and Nicole Nalty announced that the Walt Disney Signature Collection has added the celebrated animated classic Pinochio to its catalogue. An all new trailer was also shown to members of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club: This will mark the first time that Pinocchio will be released on Digital ...


Top 5 Disney Movie Flops

Walt Disney has produced more than 50 animated features since its first inception. While budget and box office numbers are limited for most of their films, their placement on the list is a manifestation of losses and profits as listed in Disney’s annual report of the year when the film was released. 5. Pinocchio (1940) Walt Disney produced Pinocchio following the immensely successful Snow ...


5 Disney Films That Barely Broke Even

Even if you don’t count the LucasFilms and Marvel properties that are now part of their portfolio, there’s no denying that Disney owns a large cache of film properties that continue to print money for the house of mouse. However, what most people don’t know is that many of these films weren’t profitable when they originally debuted, and some even struggled to break even. Here are 5 of the ...


Walt Disney Records: Legacy collection

Walt Disney Records announced on May 6th that they are releasing a line of collectible CD’s on the anniversaries of of Disney’s most loved films. “Through 2015, Walt Disney Records will celebrate 12 anniversaries including Pinocchio (75th), Fantasia (75th), Cinderella (65th), Lady and the Tramp (60th), Sleeping Beauty (55th), Mary Poppins (50th), The Lion ...

Pinocchio to Open Venice Days

Pinocchio to Open Venice Days

According to Variety, Venice Film Festival’s independently run branch, Venice Days, will be opening on August 30 by premiering Enzo D’ Alo’s much awaited 2D animated feature, Pinocchio. The whole Venice Days event will from August 30 to September 8. ...

Guillermo Del Toro to Co-Direct Pinocchio

Guillermo Del Toro to Co-Direct Pinocchio

After several months of rumors, it has been made official by Variety mag that Guillermo Del Toro will be co-directing Henson’s stop-motion adaptation of Pinocchio, along with Mark Gustafson (of Fantastic Mr. Fox), with the project scheduled to start shooting in the summer of 2013. ...

Scared Shrekless hits ABC on Halloween night

Scared Shrekless hits ABC on Halloween night

Tonight’s special on ABC has it all: we’ve got everyone’s favorite green ogre, Shrek. We’ve got the star of this weekend’s big blockbuster debut, Puss in Boots. We’ve got three frightening stories, lots of candy, and tons of various Halloween costumes. What does it all equal? Scared Shrekless! The DreamWorks Animation Halloween themed holiday special ...

ABC says to get Scared Shrekless on Halloween

ABC says to get Scared Shrekless on Halloween

This Monday is of course the spookiest day of the year, Halloween! No doubt, you already have your Halloween costume picked out, and you’re set on raking in as much candy as possible. But ABC would like to remind you to get home before too late, in order to catch the annual airing of the new animated classic Scared Shrekless. In a weekend where the Shrek franchise is already hyped up once ...

Discuss Disney's Tangled with Byron Howard and Nathan Greno

Discuss Disney’s Tangled with Byron Howard and Nathan Greno

We’re lucky. We’re smack dab in the middle of a golden era of animation. There are dozens of cartoon channels, all types of animated films, and even a variety of animation formats, from CG to stop motion to traditional cel animation. As fans, this is a glorious time for all of us. So just imagine how amazing it must be to be part of the animation process! That’s just what ...

Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD review

Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD review

After years of waiting (and hoping and pleading) Disney is finally bringing Bambi to Blu-ray. The fifth animated feature in the long line of Disney films, Bambi is truly a classic in all meanings of the word. The story is that of a young fawn and his journey to grow into an adult deer — both in the struggles with danger, and the more whimsical moments of finding friends, and love. It is ...

Bambi Diamond Edition on Disney Blu-ray and DVD today

Bambi Diamond Edition on Disney Blu-ray and DVD today

In 1942, nearly 70 years ago, the world got it’s first glimpse of Walt Disney’s fifth animated feature, Bambi. Based on Felix Salten’s “Bambi, A Life in the Woods”, the story told the tale of Bambi, his parents, and his friends; Thumper, Flower, and Faline. Now today, March 1st, we can finally celebrate the home release of Bambi Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD, ...

Disney's Bambi Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD

Disney’s Bambi Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD

In a little more than one week, cartoon fans can relive a timeless classic as Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment brings Bambi Diamond Edition home on Blu-ray and DVD. Thankfully cracking free from the Disney vault (though surely for just a brief, limited time) Bambi Diamond Edition features the adorable wide-eyed fawn and his forest friends in Blu-ray high-definition for the first time, ...

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