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One Piece: Bounty Rush Sails to the West

Eiichiro Oda’s Pirate-themed shonen property, One Piece, is no stranger to game adaptations, and has particularly seen huge success on the mobile platform. Unfortunately for us Western fans, many of the videogame adaptations tend to stay exclusive to the Japanese region. But the more successful ones do make their way towards our shores, no matter how late. One such case is the competitive free ...


Zak Storm Debuts in Canada This Month

This coming August 21, at 4 PM ET, Family CHRGD viewers in Canada will get a taste of seafaring science fiction adventure via the debut of Zak Storm. The CG animated series will debut new episodes every day for one week, before settling down to a regular timeslot at 5 PM every Tuesdays as part of the Turbo CHRGD programming block. Zak Storm’s premise concerns the titular young surfer, who ...


New Jake and the Never Land Pirates Game to Debut on January

Starting on Friday, January 31, Disney Junior’s official Jake and the Never Land Pirates supersite ( will be launching a new game titled ‘Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Super Pirate,’ which will allow fans to take on the role of Jake as he attempts to retrieve the Mega Mecha Sword from the devious Captain Hook. The game will be free to play, but content will be ...

Viz to Offer a Digital One Piece Retrospective for Free

Viz to Offer a Digital One Piece Retrospective for Free

Eiichiro Oda’s popular pirate-themed shonen manga has recently hit the milestone of 345,000,000 copies sold, coinciding with the day a full page, full color ad was run on the New York Times. In order to celebrate the occasion, North American publisher Viz Media is now offering a special retrospective on the series via their digital manga service. The One Piece Retrospective offers 114 ...


Developing a Concept and Creating a Pitch Bible: Space Pirates

Hello again, fellow cartoon connoisseurs. I’ll begin in noting that this article will be a good shot different than my previous regarding Seth MacFarlane’s integrity. This article will actually be about a cartoon that I personally, and a few friends of mine, have been working on for quite some time. I was advised, and even encouraged, to begin a serial about the exploits of an ...

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure launches on DVD

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure launches on DVD

On November 8th, Disney invites fans young and old to blast off with the release of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure on DVD. In honor of Adventure Day, not to be confused with Adventure Time, Professor Von Drake is sending Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy into the far reaches of outer space. Zooming through the stars in the Clubhouse Rocket, the group searches for Treasure Stars ...

The Pirates! Band of Misfits set sail for Aardman

The Pirates! Band of Misfits set sail for Aardman

Seems like there’s a lot of pirating going on. Rango’s Johnny Depp is returning as Captain Jack Sparrow in a few weeks. Jake and the Neverland Pirates are ruling over Disney’s new Disney Jr. network. Monkey D. Luffy and crew are still hunting One Piece. And now Aardman Animation is working with Pathe and Sony Pictures Animation on a new animated tale, The Pirates! Band of ...

Toei and Orange bring us Captain Harlock and Ken the Great Bear Fist

Toei and Orange bring us Captain Harlock and Ken the Great Bear Fist

French fans of anime have a lot to be happy for! Orange recently with Toei Animation Europe to bring two hit animated series to their Video on Demand feature; Captain Harlock and Ken the Great Bear Fist. Captain Harlock, also known as Captain Herlock, is as noble as he is rebellious, fighting against earth-born and alien regimes. Created by manga artist Leiji Matsumoto for 1953’s ...


One Piece online

Funimation Entertainment will soon begin simulcasting One Piece online in the US and Canada after striking a deal with Toei Animation, Shueisha, and Fuji Television Network. The toon will feature English subtitles, so you can watch, and read, up on your favorite pirate crew. It’s hard to believe they haven’t caught up with that treasure yet, but at least now, I can tune in to see ...


Trick or Treat Bakugan!

OK, so you’ve been a ghost.  A pirate.  Maybe a Pokemon.  Probably Naruto.  And of COURSE you’ve been Batman.  But have you been Bakugan character for Halloween?  Maybe this year can be the year!  Cartoon Network Enterprises has signed up with a company called Disguise to make Halloween costumes based on Bakugan.  They’ll be available in stores this fall, just in time ...


Jolly Rabbit sets sail

Jolly Rabbit looks like a happy lil guy, doesn’t he? Turns out this pirate-themed hare is moving on over to the CBBC in the UK and ABC TV in Australia.  This series, made by Animation Collective, revolves around the adventures of Jolly Rabbit, a lively teenage rabbit that navigates the seas with his pals, searching for his long-lost lucky rabbit’s foot.  All the while battling the ...

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