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Disney Movies Anywhere Kicks Off July With Pixie Hollow Bake Off

The new streaming service from the House of Mouse, Disney Movies Anywhere, will be kicking off July with an all-new Pixie Preview “Pixie Hollow Bake Off,” which features ‘Fairy Gelata,’ voiced by Giada De Laurentiis. This latest adventure for our cute, little Pixie friends has Tink needing the help of our favorite fairies in order to win a high-stakes, head-to-head bake-off. You can check ...

Rainbow brings PopPixie to Nickelodeon

Rainbow brings PopPixie to Nickelodeon

Now that the Winx Club girls have made their way over the Nickelodeon, what do you think would be the best place for their Pixie friends? Nick, of course! With that in mind, Rainbow and Nickelodeon have struck a deal to give the cartoon giant international broadcasting rights for PopPixie across a number of regions, including the UK, Germany, Australia, and Africa (we’re workin’ on ...

The Winx Club have big screen magic in Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure

The Winx Club have big screen magic in Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure

Bloom, Layla, Flora, Stella, Tecna, and Musa are back and headed to the big screen in the Winx Club’s newest movie Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure. Rainbow and Iginio Straffi are working together on the CG animated film, nearly three years after their last adventure, The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The movie is running at the Cannes Film Festival, and will debut in Italy on October 29th, ...


PopPixie toys

Bandai is working together with Rainbow S.p.A. to bring us a bunch of toys based on the animated series PopPixie. This will include dolls, plush figures, playsets, and more — all set to be ready for the fall of 2010. These toys are based on characters from the Winx Universe, continuing the success of that toon. ...


Tinker Bell – first in a DVD, now in wax!

The world’s most famous pixie wasn’t finished when she got her own movie.  Now TInker Bell will live on forever at the world famous Madame Tussauds museum in London!  She is the smallest wax figure in the history of the waxworks, just over 5 inches tall, but Tink is easily one of the most famous and recognizable!  Not bad for Peter Pan’s sidekick! ...


Watch the first 6 minutes of Tinker Bell online!

With the DVD now available in stores, Disney is making the first six minutes of the new Tinker Bell movie  available to website viewers at  You can watch the video on Disney’s new full-screen video player that they’re promoting heavily online.  Then, head on over to where you can make your very own fairy to hang out with Tinker Bell!  And, of course, ...


More details on the Tinker Bell movie

The Tinker Bell DVD movie comes out tomorrow, October 28th, and Disney is releasing a few more details to get everyone hyped up for it!  In addition to the commentary below, check out the scene above, and another clip after the break! Long before Peter Pan and the Lost Boys soared into Never Land, the world’s most beloved fairy and her friends were creating their own special magic. For ...


Tinker Bell gets her own movie on DVD and Blu-Ray

Have you ever wondered how a flower gets its color…or pondered the source of a dew drop … or where rainbows originate? It’s all the work of fairies from the fantastic world of Pixie Hollow.  And now, DisneyToon Studios reveals the story of the most famous of all fairies, Tinker Bell.  The beloved fairy from Peter Pan will be bringing all the Pixie Dust she needs to DVD and ...

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