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Kuroba Adventures offers girls-focused monster battling

Between heavyweights like Digimon, Pokemon, Puzzle & Dragons and Yo-Kai Watch, there’s no shortage of monster battling properties on the market. The companies behind Kuroba Adventures could join that tier by targeting a different audience. While none of the previously franchises are strangers to female characters, they’re seldom the centre of attention. If you’ve got a ...


Sutikki preps more than 220 minutes of animation for Kuroba!

Bento Box Entertainment’s kids and family division Sutikki has unveiled the Kuroba! collectible line. Aimed at girls six through nine, the brand will receive over 220 minutes of animated content produced by the company. The property is inspired by a line of toys designed by BOTI Global Ltd, a Hong Kong based toy development company. Playmates Toys will act as the master toy partner for ...


New Ben 10 toys hit the United Kingdom

Cartoon Network EMEA has announced that the second line of Ben 10 toys from Playmates is starting to be released in the United Kingdom this month. Graham Saltmarsh, the director of licensing for the U.K. and Nordics at Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA, stated, “We’re delighted to be kicking off what is going to be another action-packed year for Ben 10 with the launch of a fantastic new wave ...


New Ben 10 Toy Line to Be Launched at Toys R Us

Toys ‘R’ Us stores across the US, along with their online outlet, will be playing host to the launch of Playmates Toys’ new Ben 10 Toy Line, which aims to deliver yet another batch of inspired toys based on Cartoon Network and Man of Action’s hit animated action adventure series. The toy line consists of an assortment of action figures, playsets, vehicles, and role play items. The new Ben ...

Hero: 108 toons, toys, and games, oh my!

Hero: 108 toons, toys, and games, oh my!

It was only a bit more than a year ago that we first got word of the Hero: 108 cartoon. Then, a few months ago, we were treated to a sneak peek at the upcoming Hero: 108 series. Now, Moonscoop, Cartoon Network, Gamania Digital Entertainment, and Playmates Toys are teaming to showcase a mountain of new info and products on the series. The massively mutiplayer onling game (MMOG) launches in the ...


TMNT Playmate Toys

Team Green may be relocating from 4Kids to Nickelodeon in the next year or so, but they have no plans on abandoning the company that has been their action figure home for the past 20 years. How do we know? Because we know everything!!! Well, and also because we’ve gotten word that Playmates Toys has just signed a new global master toy deal for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, pledging ...


Gormiti rocks Cartoon Network and toy shelves

Marathon Media’s animated series Gormiti is now a fixture on Cartoon Network in the US, but that’s not all there is to know about the property! Playmates Toys and Giochi Preziosi will unveil a brand new line of collectible figures and accessories based on the toon, and they should be circulating their way into stores earlier next year. So what will you be able to get your hands on? ...


Hero: 108 Toys

The MoonScoop Group is working with Playmates Toys to get us some action figures based on the new animated series Hero:108. In addition to action figures, they would also be creating vehicles, roleplay gear, accessories, and handheld games. The toon is set to launch on Cartoon Network world-wide in 2010, so its likely we’ll see the toys hit store shelves around that same time. Stay ...


Rainbow Brite returns!

Waaay back in the distant history of 1984, there was a doll and cartoon based on the then-popular character Rainbow Brite.  Now, nearly 25 years later, a new Rainbow Brite cartoon is being readied for tv, featuring Rainbow Brite and her friends.  And what comes next?  Toys!  Playmates Toys has already started looking into the best way to get Rainbow Brite toys to your hands, including ...

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