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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Launches with First Global Mission

The latest games in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, has recently launched. The event was heralded by a launch trailer, which you can watch below. But the more exciting thing is the additional information about the first Global Mission. The Global Mission sounds straightforward – all the players of the games worldwide should reach a cumulative total of 10,000,000 Pokemon ...


Pokemon Bank is Now Available in Australia, Europe, and New Zealand

After the somewhat problematic western launch of Nintendo’s Pokemon Bank 3DS app last December, which resulted in the launch being postponed due to the unexpectedly large volume of traffic that crippled their servers, the service has now been officially made available to gamers in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. In order to make up for the false start, people who are based in any of the ...


Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter Launch Delayed

The headline is a bit confusing with regard to whether it’s good or bad news, but it’s actually a bit of both: Nintendo originally scheduled the North American launch of their Pokemon Bank app for December 27, but the sheer number of fans who wanted to download the subscription-based (yet temporarily free) app and register for new Nintendo Network Ids on the Japanese side has resulted in ...


New Promo Video for 3DS Pokemon Bank Service

Nintendo is just about ready to release their Pokemon Bank service for the 3DS on December 27, and as a way of preparing fans, they have also released a new promo video that demonstrates and highlights some of the features of the service. For the uninitiated, the Pokemon Bank is exactly what its name implies – a virtual “bank” for your Pokemon collection, which you can use to store, and ...


Two New Apps will Allow Pokemon Transfers from DS Black and White to X and Y

Nintendo has recently announced that gamers will soon be able to transfer any Generation V (Pokemon Black and White) Pokemon into the upcoming Nintendo 3DS series Pokemon X and Y, because this coming December 27, a couple of new apps called Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter will be released for free on the 3DS eShop. The Pokemon Bank will allow Pokemon X and Y and Black and White owners to ...

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