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Pokemon Black & White’s Rematch at the Nacrene Gym on Cartoon Network

Pokemon Black & White's Rematch at the Nacrene Gym on Cartoon Network

Seems like just last week, Ash took on Lenora in the latest Gym Battle. Oh wait, it was!! But this morning, Saturday May 21st, there’s a Rematch at the Nacrene Gym! At least, that’s what Cartoon Network is dubbing this latest episode of Pokemon Black & White. Ash looks for extra training after losing out to Lenora, so he takes a quick trip to the Pokemon Battle Club. But how much training can he soak in before the rematch begins, and Lenora gets ready to whoop his butt again? Will there be a Nacrene City Gym Badge in Ash’s future? Find out on Pokemon Black and White!

A Rival Battle for Club Champ on Cartoon Network’s Pokemon: Black and White

A Rival Battle for Club Champ on Cartoon Network's Pokemon: Black and White

Saturday Morning, April 9th, Cartoon Network is choosing all new Pokemon! In the latest episode of Pokemon: Black and White, titled A Rival Battle for Club Champ, which hits the CN at 9AM, the scene starts with a quest for a Gym Battle in Nacrene City. When Ash spots his top rival Trip are at the Pokemon Battle Club in Luxuria Town, he sees a great opportunity to train! But does Ash really have what it takes to take on Trip, let alone the Trainers in Nacrene? Then sprinkle in a few disrupting cameos from Team Rocket, and we got ourselves an adventure!

Pokemon Black and White’s The Battle Club and Tepig’s Choice on Cartoon Network

Pokemon Black and White's The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice on Cartoon Network

Tomorrow morning, Cartoon Network is rolling out the 4th episode in the already amazingly popular Pokemon toon, Pokémon: Black & White. The whole shabang kicks off at 9am (February 26th), when Ash and friends star in The Battle Club and Tepig’s Choice! Ash is on his way to his first Gym Battle challenge in the Unova region, but the Pokémon Battle Club sounds like too much fun to pass up! When he arrives, he learns that something has gone amiss, and it looks like the battles he was expecting will have to wait. Can Ash and his friends get to the bottom of the club’s mystery? TOON in to find out!

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