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How Pokemon X and Y’s Names Came About

The naming scheme for all the main Pokemon installments have always pertained to colors – there’s been a slight deviation during the precious stones phase, but Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond still had something to do with colors (red, blue, and white, respectively) and then we returned to straight colors with Black and White. By the time Black and White 2 came about, it felt like they ...


Pokemon U.S. National Championships to be Held in Indiana

Thousands of America’s top Pokemon Trading Card Game and Video game players will once again meet and share in their common love for the franchise this July 5 – 7 at the Indiana Convention Center for the 2013 Pokemon U.S. National Championships, where top contenders will vie for the crown of U.S. National Champion. Champs and top ranking competitors in both the Trading Card Game and ...


Pokemon Black and White2 Update 3

First off, there has been a pile of updates for the new pokemon black and white 2. Including the introduction movie.   Pokemon AR searcher This new pokemon AR searcher called “Pokemon Dream Radar,”  and  it is compatible with Pokemon Black and White 2. The game takes place in an area called Dream Valley.   ...

2012 Pokemon VGC Championship

2012 Pokemon VGC Championship

Once again Pokemon is having another challenge for all its fans! Kids and adults a like will compete against each other in this years Pokemon Video Game Championship! So bring your Black and white games and have fun! First up, check out the Age Divisions ...


Pokemon Black and White2 game and movie revealed

Pokemon Black and white has been successful so far in the United States, Japan and other countries. Now Game Freak has announced a new Pokemon Black and White game for the Nintendo DS systems. Even though Pokemon fans (including myself) thought the new sequel would be Pokemon Gray. The new Pokemon game breaks off from traditional sequels like Pokemon Red and Blue with sequel Yellow or the newer ...

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