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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Showcases Version-Specific Pokemon

With the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon looming, fans may be wondering which version they would get. In case you consider the answer “both, of course.” as impractical, the newest trailer released for the game may help ease your mind as it showcases the Pokemon that will be specific to each version, as well as a look at the character customization and some other parts of the game. Hopefully, ...

Pokemon Company Confirms Mystery Pokemon's Connection to MewTwo

Pokemon Company Confirms Mystery Pokemon’s Connection to MewTwo

A few weeks ago, a video has been released showing off a mysterious legendary Pokemon that bears a striking resemblance to the Legendary Mewtwo. As expected, speculations ran rampant, with fans thinking that it’s a genetically engineered clone or an enhancement, while others believe that it’s just a superficial similarity and the new Pokemon is not related to MewTwo at all. The ...

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