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yo-kai watch world

Yo-Kai Watch’s Answer to Pokemon GO: Yo-Kai Watch World

Pokemon GO has long held the top spot when it comes to ARG games, but now there’s a new challenger, unsurprisingly coming from a franchise that is – like many of its contemporaries – most likely inspired by Pokemon: Yo-Kai Watch. Titled Yo-Kai Watch World, the new ARG is developed by GungHo for the iOS and Android platforms in Japan. Much like Pokemon GO, Yo-Kai Watch World is powered by ...

pokemon go

Pokemon GO Kanto Week has Started

Pokemon GO’s new Kanto-focused event has officially started, and it will be running all throughout the week, with the official end date being April 16. Many Pokemon GO players are no doubt already prepared for the event, as the information was leaked ahead of the event launch. And as expected, the event will feature many Pokemon that were originally discovered in the Kanto Region appearing more ...

pokemon go

Pokemon Go Gets a Revamp via New Quest System

Despite its massive popularity, Pokemon GO initially got a lot of flak for being barebones and pretty much lacking in direction. But that time has since come and gone – the ARG in its current state is chock full of things to do outside of simply catching random Pokemon during your daily walk to the bus stop. The biggest change is the addition of a new quest system, which single-handedly turned ...


Pokemon Reaches 300 Million Global Lifetime Sales

It’s not a secret that the long-running monster husbandry franchise Pokemon is very popular – after all, any multiplatform cartoon, toy, and game franchise that has had multiple iterations over the span of more than 20 years has to be, otherwise its parent company is just wasting money. And Nintendo is definitely known for being particularly strict about where they spend their money on (hence ...


Pokemon GO’s Halloween Event Preps Player For Gen 3

If you are still playing Niantic’s Pokemon-inspired Augmented Reality Game (userbase has drastically been reduced these past few months, but it’s still a fairly popular – and lucrative – app), Pokemon GO, you may want to bring a smartphone on your Halloween Trick-or-Treating because Pokemon Go will have an event to mark the occasion. The event has already started in most areas, ...


Pokemon GO’s MewTwo Legendary Takes Over Yokohama

Niantic has finally unleashed the legendary Pokemon MewTwo on the players of their hit ARG, Pokemon GO. However, the rare breed is currently only available via exclusive invite-only raids, and given that MewTwo is a very rare (and powerful!) breed, the hunt is not going to be easy at all. Fortunately for many trainers, perseverance, some teamwork, and the willingness to brave long lines at the ...


European Pokemon GO Players Will Finally See More Kangaskhan, Unown

True to the source franchise, Niantic Labs’ Pokemon-inspired ARG Pokemon GO ensures that the availability of Pokemon is affected by location. As a result of this, certain breeds will appear very rarely depending on region. For example, Kangaskhan is normally limited to Australia and the Australasia region, while Unown appears randomly and very, very rarely. All of this will change slightly ...


Pokemon GO Adds New Legendary This Week: Moltres

Despite reeling from the fallout of the failed Pokemon GO fest, Niantic presses on and continues to unveil new additions to their popular ARG. This week, they have made a new Legendary Pokemon available for all players to battle—the fiery legendary pokemon Moltres! The addition is noteworthy because Moltres will be replacing Articuno as the mascot of Team Valor. The Legendary will only be ...


Attendees of Failed Pokemon GO Fest File Class Action Lawsuit

Much has been said about Niantic Labs’ disastrous Pokemon GO fest last week, which was riddled with logistics problems (mostly pertaining to attendees being unable to play the game due to latency, connection issues, and client crashes, thus rendering a huge part of the event useless), and ending with Niantic themselves refunding the admission price of $20, giving away $100 worth of PokeCoins, ...


Bleach Gets a GPS-Based Mobile Game in Japan

The success of Pokemon GO indicates that there is demand for games that take advantage of popular franchises and mobile phone capabilities, so the existence of Bleach: Paradise Lost is not so much a surprise but more of a mystery as to why it took so long—we feel that whoever owns the game-related licenses for Bleach isn’t as savvy as the ones who own the license for Dragon Ball or Naruto, as ...


Half-a-Million Counterfeit Pokemon Caught in South Korea

It seems like players of Pokemon Go are not the only ones trying to catch Pokemon in Public, and it’s not just Niantic going after unscrupulous people seeking to take advantage of the Pokemon craze, as South Korean police has recently ended a string operation that ended in the confiscation of roughly 530K counterfeit Pokemon plushies. As reported by South Korean outlet Yes! Top News, the ...


Pokemon 21st Anniversary Celebrations Start Today

It’s been 21 years since the Pokemon franchise was first launched, and various companies connected to the franchise and promotions have decided to celebrate the milestone with a number of promotions and special events. First of which is Niantic’s ARG game Pokemon Go, which has decided to turn all of the Pikachu’s you will encounter in the wild into a Pikachu wearing a special party hat. The ...

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