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Preview for Pokemon XY & Z Team Rocket Character Song Released

One of the landmarks of the Pokemon XY & Z anime is that it will come with a series of six character songs, which so far includes the opening theme ‘XY&Z’ by Satoshi (Rica Matsumoto) and ending theme ‘Puni-chan’s Song’ by Bonnie/Eureka (Mariya Ise). The latest that has been revealed is the official theme song for the franchise’s long running antagonists, Team Rocket, which ...


Digital Giveaway Heralds Japanese Debut of Pokemon XY & Z TV Anime

This coming October 29, 2015, the Pokemon franchise will continue its foray into the TV anime medium with the broadcast debut of Pokemon XY & Z on TV Tokyo. What’s even more special than the broadcast debut is that the anime will also be streamed online, and Japanese viewers can watch the stream in order to earn a digital code for a Legendary Pokemon on either the Pokemon Omega Ruby or ...

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