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Coca-Cola breathes fire on Super Bowl XLV

Coca-Cola breathes fire on Super Bowl XLV

As we’ve shown over the past few days, last week’s big game, Super Bowl XLV, brought a lot to the table in the world of animation. Rango, Rio, Eminem, and others helped show how toons can shine during the year’s most popular media event. Coca-Cola has been a long-time advertiser, with commercial spots appearing during almost every Super Bowl in the history of the game. ...

Rob Schneider to star in Lionsgate's Norm of the North

Rob Schneider to star in Lionsgate’s Norm of the North

While he did formerly star in The Animal, Rob Schneider is now taking that to a whole new level! The comedian and actor will be lending his voice to an upcoming CG animated film called Norm of the North, along with Ken Jeong and Loretta Devine. The Lionsgate and Crest Animation Studios film, of course featured in the now-standard 3D, is the second movie in a three-picture deal; the first of ...

Crazy Penguin Catapult

Crazy Penguin Catapult

You’re a penguin. You’re enjoying your day. You’re hanging with friends. You’re …suddenly attacked by a group of thuggish polar bears!! That’s not cool, dude. So, what to do? Retaliate! Get your buddies together, piece together a catapult, and dive bomb the bears! …wait… what?! No, seriously, give it a try, this game is amazingly ...

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