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Cartoon Network and Adventure Time Celebrate Princess Day

This month, Cartoon Network will be celebrating all things princess-y via a new Adventure Time episode titled Adventure Time: Princess Day. The episode will be debuting on DVD on July 29, followed by a normal airing on the network on July 31, 7pm. The episode will shine a spotlight on the various princesses that have become part of the show.

In Adventure Time: Princess Day, the titular event is celebrated in the magical land of Ooo! as Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline join forces in order to play a prank on Breakfast Princess.

10 Interesting Facts About Disney Cartoons

Least Commercially Success Princesses


In terms of merchandise sales, the least popular princesses on Disney’s roster are the Asian and Native American princesses, Mulan and Pocahontas. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty beat both of them in terms of merchandising success even though she wasn’t even that active in her own movie (she only had 18 minutes of screen time and 18 whole lines.)

Mickey Mouse’s White Gloves

Mickey-MouseWalt Disney originally thought that showing actual mouse nails is too disturbing for children, so he designed Mickey Mouse as always wearing a pair of white gloves. It’s possible that many cartoon characters since then have copied the approach or use gloves for the same reason.

We Believe in Tim Burton

alice in wonderland

Very few films based on Alice in Wonderland performed well at the box office and Disney’s first Alice in Wonderland animated movie (1951) was no different. The property was only redeemed in 2010 when Tim Burton’s live action/CG hybrid adaptation broke box office records, even though the director admitted that he didn’t “feel any emotional connection” with the lead character.

The Hub Will Introduce a New Pony Princess This Month

The Hub Will Introduce a New Pony Princess This Month

This coming February 16, Saturday, at 10:30 AM, The Hub will be introducing the newest addition to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic royal family via a special coronation episode of the series. The highly anticipated episode will focus o Twilight Sparkle as she finally becomes a princess. The network will be celebrating the occasion with fun special events that include a nine-episode My Little Pony Princess Coronation Marathon at 6 to 10:30 am, which will showcase Twilight Sparkle’s journey towards being a princess.

Wild Berry Princess, Finn and Jake vs Me-Mow

Wild Berry Princess, Finn and Jake vs Me-Mow

You’d think Wild Berry Princess would be able to defend herself against this teeny, tiny, innocent and adorable little kitten. And, technically, I guess she really would be able to handle that challenge with no problem. However, in this Monday’s episode of Adventure Time, we learn that Me-Mow isn’t just a sweet kitty cat, but a tiny feline assassin, capable of maiming attacks not unlike a Pocket Monster! In steps Finn and Jake, hoping to protect her majesty from the monster known to hide in freshly baked pies. But when Jake’s life is threatened, he must decide whether he will continue being a hero, or run to save himself!

Tangled Ever After to Premiere in Beauty and the Beast 3D screenings

‘Tangled Ever After’ to Premiere in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ 3D screenings

People who will watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D on January 13, 2012 will be treated to a screening of a new Tangled short, according to an announcement made by Walt Disney Studios. The new short, entitled Tangled Ever After, will serve as a epilogue for Tangled, and will show the royal wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (a.k.a. Eugene).

No One Can Hear You, Finn, so no Adventure Time

No One Can Hear You Finn, so no Adventure Time

Finn is quite the imaginative young man, always able to think up the greatest stuff and let his creativity steer the regular journeys he goes on with everyone else in the Land of Ooo. But, what if there was no one else? No Jake, no Princess, no Marceline – not a single other citizen of Ooo? Sorta cuts short the adventure portion of Adventure Time. Such is the premise of November 14th’s episode of Adventure Time, titled No One Can Hear You. In the tale, Finn is in some sort of terrible accident, which leaves him bruised and broken, temporarily bound to a wheel chair. After apparently being a sleep for sometime, he emerges to find everyone is missing. Can he get everything back to normal? TOON in to Cartoon Network at 8pm on Monday to find out!

John Lasseter and a witch reinvent the Disney Princess in Brave’s Merida

John Lasseter and a witch reinvent the Disney Princess in Brave's Merida

Merida faces a pretty hefty problem: she’s being married off to one of three potential suitors, and she sorta hates them all. So what’s a princess to do? Head to an old witch for help, of course! The witch grants Merida a wish, but it of course has consequences, turning the forest into a threatening wilderness. Of course, this doesn’t please her parents King Fergus and Queen Elinor, and also doesn’t necessarily sit well with the forest’s mysterious blue lights, called “wisps.” John Lasseter, head of Pixar, hopes to use Brave as a new benchmark for Disney Princess films, taking what he learned with Rapunzel in Tangled, and reinventing the fairytale genre. Sound like they’re on the right track yet?

Five Awesome Animated Film Scores, from Mermaids to Dragons

Five Awesome Animated Film Scores, from Mermaids to Dragons

There are a number of essential elements that make an animated film come together and lift it from the mundane to the level of awesome. From story structure to character design these important elements dictate the quality of the final product.  One such essential piece of an amazing animated film is the film’s soundtrack, particularly the film’s score.  We’ve seen in the Greatest Themes countdown how powerful music can be.  A film score is an instrumental music track that often lies quietly in the background but at other times can enhance your viewing of the action happening on the screen.  A truly amazing film score knows when to be quiet and when to blast out an audience’s ear drums.  There are hundreds of amazing film scores, from Gladiator to Tron Legacy and everything in between, but what are some of the best films scores written for animated films?

Pixar’s Brave trailer unveils Merida as a Disney Princess

Pixar's Brave trailer unveils Merida as a Disney Princess

Just under one year from now, Disney and Pixar will bring their latest and greatest CG epic to the big screen; Brave. Originally known as Brave and the Bow, the Bear and the Bow, and a few other choices, the upcoming film will hit theaters on June 22nd, 2012. So much of the film has been kept under wraps since it was teased way back when, and folks at Disney and Pixar have kept their lips sealed, only recently granting us a teaser sneak peek at the artwork style and synopsis. But now, finally (FINALLY!) we get to check out the animation in motion, as the House of Mouse has put out a teaser trailer! Across the Highlands of Scotland, Merida uses her archery skills as well as royal birthright (daughter to King Fergus and Queen Elinor) to join the elite Disney Princesses – complete with her own Witch, and patented magical curse!

Disney begins to tease info for Pixar’s Brave

Disney begins to tease info for Pixar's Brave

Back in 2008, Pixar announced 3 new movie projects: Cars 2, Newt, and Brave. Although Newt never had it’s moment, Pixar fans were on the edge of their seat waiting for more info on Brave; Pixar’s first fairytale and nothing their past movies. Finally, we can start discussing the details, which follow a story set in the mystical Scottish Highlands. Mérida is the unruly princess of a kingdom ruled by King Fergus and Queen Elinor, who inadvertently brings turmoil to the kingdom when she defies a sacred custom. To set things right, she is granted one wish from an eccentric Wise Woman – I guess she never saw The Little Mermaid. Best of all, a single image still from the film was released on a French Disney fan page – an awesome sneak peak of what is to come! Check it out right here

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