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FremantleMedia goes hypervynorama on Strange Hill High

FremantleMedia goes hypervynorama on Strange Hill High

The CBBC is working with FremantleMedia Enterprises (that’s FME + CBBC for the initial fans!) on a new comedy series called Strange Hill High. And yes, it’s strange! The show is actually produced in several different kinds of media, a hybrid technique that combines stop-motion animation and puppets with CG. The result is internally dubbed “hypervynorama” which sounds ...

Early shots of The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made

Early shots of The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made

Hey, puppets are considered a form of animation – thus, so are Muppets! Besides, who wouldn’t want to hear more about all our lovable pals, from Kermit to Miss Piggy? Not only has the group had multiple television shows and several already existing theatrical releases, the Disney-owned property created by Jim Henson also had an animated run in the 80s with the cartoon “Muppet ...

PBS Kids' Sid the Science Kid can't wait for No School Singalong Special

PBS Kids’ Sid the Science Kid can’t wait for No School Singalong Special

Sid the Science Kid has made some great progress since debuting a year and a half ago. Produced by Jim Henson Productions, KCET, and PBS, the computer generated toon allows puppeteers to voice digitally animated characters in real time via the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, as if the cartoons were more traditional Muppets. As the series preps for the end of it’s second season, PBS Kids ...


The Dark Crystal 2

In 1982, Jim Henson and Frank Oz brought a movie to the big screen that could be described as “Sesame Street” meets “Lord of the Rings”. That movie was The Dark Crystal; a fantastic journey with creepy monsters and innocent creatures, from another planet in another time. Through the courage of a young orphan named Jen, the Mystics are able to recover the Dark ...


Big Babies

CBBC has signed up to air a new series called Big Babies. The show, which is a mix of live-action, puppets, and CG animation, is a comedy about two babies, Rocco and Brooks. What makes these guys different from regular babies? They have the heads of grown men! Things get even more crazy when the pair goes out for a walk, and their toys turn on them and take over the nursery. Yipes! ...


CGI …puppets? Team Smithereen!

Team Smithereen is described as a “weird and wonderful comedy sporting bone-crushing stunts and the worst “extreme action” team in TV history.”  The show, which will air on Jetix Europe, is a mix of CGI animation and … puppets! Created by the Dan Clark Company and produced by Wildbrain, Team Smithereen follows the squash and squish misadventures of puppet stuntmen ...

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