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Phase 4 and Nelvana bring toon DVDs to North America via kaBOOM

Phase 4 and Nelvana bring toon DVDs to North America via kaBOOM

Phase 4 Films and Nelvana Enterprises have teamed to share their cartoon joy with us. Deals between the pair will bring a number of animated DVD collections to regions across North America, including; Toopy and Binoo, Franklin, The Berenstain Bears, Max & Ruby, and 6Teen, amongst others. The series regularly air on Treehouse, YTV, Teletoon, Nickelodeon, PBS, Cartoon Network, CBS, qubo, Nick. Jr. and the Nicktoons Network. The partnership will release the DVDs under the kaBOOM! Entertainment label.

Qubo beefs up their cartoon offerings with Turbo Dogs, He-Man, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, and more

Qubo ramps up with Turbo Dogs, He-Man, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, and more

The Qubo Channel has some big things brewing for the upcoming season, with plans to launch a number of new and popular series across the network time slots. Included in the long list are Scholastic’s Magic School Bus series and Vitaminix, both of which make their return to the channel. The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog, Willa’s Wild Life, Shelldon, Mighty Machines, Pearlie, and Turbo Dogs will be joining in, as well. New to Qubo is an even larger list, including He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Brave Starr, She-Ra Princess of Power, and Ghostbusters. With this mix of classics, new and old, Qubo has all of a sudden become a powerful cartoon force itself! Which will you been turning in for?

Nelvana Enterprises’ Jane and the Dragon

 Nelvana Enterprises' Jane and the Dragon

Nelvana Enterprises has teamed up with KI.KA in Germany to unleash one of its better animated series upon the network later this spring. The toon, Jane and the Dragon, promises to take viewers on a wild ride with its fresh new story and CG animation that Nelvana co-produced with Weta Productions. The series, based on Martin Baynton’s book series of the same name, follows the comedic exploits of Jane, a young girl training to be a knight, and her friendly, 300 year old, fire-breathing and English-speaking Dragon aptly named …er, Dragon. Having already aired on YTV in Canada and Australia’s ABC, it later joined qubo and the UK’s Five in addition to KI.KA. Haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet? Well, why not take a look at the animated series in action

New episodes of Turbo Dogs, My Friend Rabbit, and The Zula Patrol

New episodes of Turbo Dogs, My Friend Rabbit, and The Zula PatrolLooks like you qubo fans are going to get all new episodes of Turbo Dogs, My Friend Rabbit, and The Zula Patrol!  The episodes will start with qubo on the ION Television block, and then later on the Saturday morning qubo NBC block, and qubo on Telemundo in Spanish after that.  And, of course, those of you with the qubo Channel will get the new episodes too!

Qubo Channel hits the Big Apple (and others!)

Qubo Channel

Qubo Channel is launching in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC, thanks to ION Media Networks and RCN Corporation. Qubo has already started up in Boston, as of this past July, but now intends to move on to more cities. Congrats to anyone in those areas for getting some of the good stuff coming to their TVs, like  Veggie Tales, Turbo Dogs, and 3-2-1 Penguins!

Qubo Channel launches four new kids series

Sammy's Story Shop

This week saw the launch of four new kids series on the Qubo Channel; Sammy’s Story Shop, Maisy, Gofrette, and Adventures From the Book of Virtues.  The 4 started on Monday, November 3rd, along with the debut of a new season of Dragon, and new episodes of Babar, Rupert, 3-2-1Penguins, Miss BG, My Friend Rabbit, Theodore Tugboat and The Zula Patrol. Qubo has made some big changes!

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