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Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure

Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure

It might only be their second movie, but they’ll be using three dimensions! Rainbow unveiled it’s latest project, Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure, a 3D feature film – the first movie to be produced in Italy using 3D stereoscopic technology. The plan is to have the film ready in Italian theaters later this summer, then eventually bring the flick around the world for the rest of ...

Yoko, Mo & Me

Yoko, Mo & Me

m4e, a distribution and media company, has given the thumbs up on a brand new series called Yoko, Mo & Me. The adventure, a split between live-action and CG animation, is a co-production along with Rainbow, the company behind hit projects like the Winx Club and Huntik. Also helping produce the show is March Entertainment and Lucky Punch. The series is still extremely new to production, ...


PopPixie toys

Bandai is working together with Rainbow S.p.A. to bring us a bunch of toys based on the animated series PopPixie. This will include dolls, plush figures, playsets, and more — all set to be ready for the fall of 2010. These toys are based on characters from the Winx Universe, continuing the success of that toon. ...


Winx Club MMO game

Rainbow S.p.A. is spending $25 million buckeroos to create a free massively multiplayer online game based on the Winx Club.  Not many details yet on what the game will involve, but with that kinda dough being spent on it, its got a pretty great chance of being fun!  Stay Tooned right here for ...


Rainbow Brite returns!

Waaay back in the distant history of 1984, there was a doll and cartoon based on the then-popular character Rainbow Brite.  Now, nearly 25 years later, a new Rainbow Brite cartoon is being readied for tv, featuring Rainbow Brite and her friends.  And what comes next?  Toys!  Playmates Toys has already started looking into the best way to get Rainbow Brite toys to your hands, including ...

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