Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 Interview: Joaquim Dos Santos & Lauren Montgomery

Well, if you’ve seen the first 3 episodes, then you will have heard Arnold Vosloo’s voice. He was The Mummy. And I think we’d like to let you see it and hear it for yourself to find out what awesomeness we have to bring. Yeah, I think we can say if Weird Al is any indicator, think in that direction.

Other Cartoons

Despicable Me boosts Blu-ray and DVD sales via Orientation Day

With the holiday season wrapping up (or, I guess, after we’ve fully unwrapped the holiday season) studios are looking back to see how well they did for the year. Universal Pictures, for example, would love to know if their latest CG and 3D adventure, Despicable Me, sold well as it moved to DVD and Blu-ray. […]

Cartoon Network Young Justice

Young Justice is a Thanksgiving hit for Cartoon Network

Thanksgiving is pretty awesome. You got all the good food, all the good football, the friends, the family, the whole bit! Then, there’s typically piles and piles of leftovers to enjoy the next day – left over food, left over football, leftover friends and family, etc. Well, Cartoon Network decided to serve up something fresh […]

Dora the Explorer Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon scores Dora’s Big Ratings for Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure

And the top-rated show honors goes to… Dora the Explorer! The cute little adventurer won big time for Nickelodeon with her 10th anniversary prime time special last Sunday. The toon, Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure, was the top rated program amongst kids during the time slot, and scored the highest numbers for a Dora toon in […]

Adventure Time Cartoon Network

Adventure Time a success for Cartoon Network

The series only debuted a few weeks ago, but Adventure Time has already become one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network. Finn and Jake continue to dazzle audiences every time their toon hits televisions, with fans across the nation going nuts for each episode, demanding more. It’s random, it’s fun, and a number […]

Nickelodeon Wolverine X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men score big for Nick!

Wolverine, by himself, is a success. The X-Men franchise, without Wolvie, is a success. So, what happens when you pair the two together? …you get the biggest series premiere on Nicktoons, ever! Wolverine and the X-Men is the #1 cable show in its timeslot, slashing away at the competition. How many of you have already […]

Ben 10 Cartoon Network Naruto Pokemon

Cartoon Network’s big numbers!

So what were you doing last Sunday, September 7th?  Were you, perhaps, watching Cartoon Network?  Because, if so, you were part of their largest audience for the entire 2008 year!  …That is, if you’re between the ages of 7-13.  Even though my rating doesn’t count, I know I was there — were you?