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Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash... who else should be in Young Justice?

Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash… who else should be in Young Justice?

We’re just a few episodes in to Cartoon Network’s latest superhero series Young Justice, and fans are already debating who else should be on the squad. The same was true of the CN’s previous trip through the DC Universe, Justice League, and back then, the channel was more than happy to sprinkle in a number of guest stars, team-ups, and add-ons — even moreso when Justice ...

BBC's CBBC iPlayer is a huge success

BBC’s CBBC iPlayer is a huge success

The video player on BBC’s website, formally known as the iPlayer, has had a tremendous amount of success overseas. This is particularly true when you factor in the influence of the CBBC, the children’s portion of the network, home to many of the great animated series. With the CBBC iPlayer, fans can catch all of their favorite episodes in full, directly on the website, for about a ...


Teen Titans for Memorial Day

What better way is there to celebrate Memorial Day than with an all-day cartoon marathon? Cartoon Network’s Boomerang has the perfect plan picked out, with a 12-hour long string of Teen Titans episodes, from 12 noon, to 12 midnight, May 25th. The original Cartoon Network animated series based on the DC Comics books is about a group of young heroes, like Robin, Cyborg, and Raven, fighting ...


BBC iPlayer for CBBC … that’s some weird letters!

The BBC iPlayer is now available for shows on the CBBC.  …so what does all of that mean?  Other than a whole giant combination of a weird letter jumble? It means you can now go to the official CBBC website and watch a selection of shows up to a week after they appear on TV, and other shows available for 3 months as “series catch-ups” — this includes; Skunk Fu, Raven, ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #13: Slade

« Back Next »   As I’m sure the Teen Titans would agree, Slade is an amazingly powerful force – enough so to rank #13 on our list. Also known as Deathstroke in other versions, Slade Wilson is so much more than an assassin or a mercenary. In fact, his brilliance and skill make him the ultimate criminal mastermind, able to tackle the entire Titan team on his own. He is ...

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