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New Look for Power Rangers’ Alpha 5 Revealed

IGN has recently published a couple of new teasers for the upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot, this time showing off the updated design of the Rangers and Zordon’s trusty ally and assistant, Alpha 5. As expected (and in line with the updated look of the Rangers), the new Alpha 5 features a somewhat bio-organic design that still retains basic design concepts from the original, such as the ...


What Fans Can Expect From the Ben 10 Reboot

The extremely popular animated action series Ben 10 has gone through numerous refreshes, with varying degrees of success with regard to fan reaction. This month saw another iteration of the franchise via a new TV series simply titled “Ben 10.” Unlike Omniverse and Ultimate Alien, which both served as extensions of the original series, the new Ben 10 series is a reboot. The rebooted Ben 10 ...


Power Rangers Reboot Releases First Teaser Trailer

The first official teaser trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers reboot has been released, giving people a sneak peek at the general tone of the movie. There’s no Zords seen yet and the costumes are only hinted upon. But it does show enough for us to assume that they’re going for a grittier, more modern take on the franchise (some may even pick up on tonal similarities to Josh Trank’s ...


Power Rangers Reboot Teaser Poster Released

Lionsgate and Saban have started teasing their upcoming Power Rangers film reboot with a new poster. While the poster doesn’t reveal much except for the silhouette of the Rangers, it does show the theme clearly: five teens given powersuits so they can fight aliens,” via the tag line “Together we are more.” The poster consists of four of the rangers on top of a car, while the red ranger ...


New Power Rangers Movie to Cast Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

Here’s something that Power Rangers fans never thought would be possible. Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket, The Hunger Games) has been cast as Rita Repulsa in the upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot. The announced cast list also includes RJ Cyler as the Blue Ranger, Becky Gomez as the Yelllow Ranger, Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger, Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger and Naomi Scott as the Pink ...


New Trailer for Danger Mouse Reboot

The Danger Mouse reboot’s September 28th reboot on CBBC is looming, and what better to get fans excited than to release a brand-spanking new trailer, which you can watch below. The rebooted Danger Mouse series will showcase a sleeker art style that doesn’t really deviate too much from the original, and will feature an impressive voice cast that includes the likes of Stephen Fry and Lena ...


Cartoon Network is Rebooting the Ben 10 Franchise

While technically more successful than many animated series during its time, it can’t be denied that Ben 10: Omniverse failed to gain the same amount of critical and fan acclaim that its predecessors achieved. If you’re part of the fanbase that saw Omniverse as a step down from Ultimate Alien, the latest news should be a good one, as Cartoon Network is going back to the drawing board and ...


Corus Entertainment Greenlights Reboot: The Guardian Code

Corus Entertainment has recently ordered 26 half hour episodes of Rainmaker Entertainment’s reimagined version of the classic CG animated TV series ReBoot. Dubbed as “Reboot: The Guardian Code,” the series will feature hybrid live-action and CG animation to bring a fresh, sleeker take on the series that originally electrified viewers with state of the art (for its time) CG imagery. “We ...


Reboot Is Coming Back – and The Weinstein Company is making it possible.

With an ITV acquisition offer already on the table, The Weinstein Company Television is broadening beyond live-action scripted and reality fare. TWC TV is making an aggressive move into family-themed animated programming. TWC is coming to market with an animated series based on Spy Kids, Robert Rodriguez’s hit live-action features released by Dimension. TWC also has acquired rights to Gnomes, ...


Teaser Trailer for Astroboy Reboot Revealed

A short teaser trailer has just been released for the upcoming reboot of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy. It doesn’t show much aside from Astro soaring through the sky, but it gives people a glimpse into the new art style. It looks far, far different from the original art style but it’s still recognizable as Astro Boy, so it’s pretty much preference at this point. You can check out the teaser ...


Roberto Orci Drops Out of Power Rangers Movie Reboot

It seems like Lionsgate’s planned reboot of the Power Rangers movie franchise has suffered a big setback, as one of the more notable names attached to the project – Roberto Orci – has dropped out despite some strong words of praise of the property. Orci, who is known for co-writing several recent rebooted franchises such as Transformers and Star Trek, was originally hired as an executive ...


Roberto Orci Gives Update on Upcoming Power Rangers Movie

In a recent interview with IGN, Roberto Orci discussed the upcoming Power Rangers movie in which he is serving as Executive Producer. Of course, with the same people behind X-Men: First Class, there’s no cause for concern over the quality at the moment. Orci addressed issues on whether it’s going to be a reboot for the sake of being a reboot, clarifying that they took into account all the ... now has 3 pages of news and games!123

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