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Cartoon Network Reveals The Powerpuff Girls Relaunch at Licensing Expo

During the recent Licensing Expo at Las Vegas, Cartoon Network has unveiled their relaunch of the iconic Powerpuff Girls animated series, which many would argue as one of the properties that got Cartoon Network to where it is today. The all new The Powerpuff Girls series is slated for a worldwide premiere in 2016. Produced by Cartoon Network, the new series will be executive produced by Nick ...


Powerpuff Girls Return With All New Series and Licensing Program

Fresh off the success of the re-imagine TV special, the iconic trio of super-powered young women, The Powerpuff Girls, will be making their return to TV screens via an all-new rebooted TV series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Additionally, the relaunch of the franchise will be supported by a full licensing program that will roll out across all regions. The rebooted TV series is scheduled ...


Genius Brands International Redesigns Baby Genius Brands Characters

Genius Brands International, Inc. has recently announced the re-launch of their Baby Genius brand, which is heralded by the unveiling of new fun and fresh redesigns of the Baby Genius signature characters from celebrated artist and self-described professional doodler Todd Goldman. The new character designs will follow the Baby Genius brand’s recent relaunch initiatives, such as the new ...


D23 Fan Site to be Relaunched by Disney

The official Disney Fan Club, D23, will be launching a major new overhaul of their website this month. Slated for a June 17 debut, the new site will provide access to newly digitized content that delves deep into the Walt Disney Company’s vault with depth and breadth never before available to the public. The site will of course still provide easy access to all of their current projects, as ...

Mike Judge gets Beavis and Butt-Head ready to return to MTV

Mike Judge gets Beavis and Butt-Head ready to return to MTV

Fourteen years later, and Beavis and Butt-Head are still… well… Beavis and Butt-Head. As one of the most beloved, and polarizing, animated series of all time, Beavis and Butt-Head helped solidify MTV, and cable as a whole, as a viable animation outlet. The teenage duo will star in 24 brand new episodes, adding to the 200 that ran from 1993-1997, all courtesy of creator Mike Judge, ...

Original ThunderCats return to Boomerang July 16th

Original ThunderCats return to Boomerang July 16th

ThunderCats are on the move; ThunderCats are loose! Feel the magic on Cartoon Network when the ThunderCats relaunch premieres July 29th, but that’s not the only roar! Serving up some classic cartoon goodness, Boomerang (Cartoon Network’s sister channel) is dishing out a marathon for the original, 1980s version of the ThunderCats animated series on July 16th and July 17th. As if ...

Ultimate Spider-Man spins a web for Marvel

Ultimate Spider-Man spins a web for Marvel

What happens you bring Marvel Comics together with the Man of Action team? That is, the folks behind the Wolverine, Iron Man, Ben 10, Generator Rex, and Ultimate Alien? Spidey Sense tingling!! That’s right, the result is the upcoming Ultimate Spider-man cartoon, bringing the Disney superhero to Disney XD later next year. Just as Marvel readies the relaunch of Peter Parker on the big ...

ThunderCats roar on Cartoon Network July 29th

ThunderCats roar on Cartoon Network July 29th

On Friday, July 29th, Cartoon Network goes cat. On that night, at 8pm, the CN will launch the brand new ThunderCats animated series, completely re-inventing the classic 1980s toon for a new era. The series kicks off with a one-hour special from 8-9pm before filling a regular slot every Friday at 8:30pm. Warner Bros. Animation (WBA) is pulling out all the stops with this upcoming series, ...

The Ultimate Spider-Man

Sneak Peek at Marvel’s The Ultimate Spider-Man

At C2E2 2011, Spidey has taken a starring role. Not just the latest comic book adventures, and not just with the upcoming film relaunch – Marvel’s Web Head is jumping into an all new animated series, The Ultimate Spider-Man, and the lucky folks in attendance were able to get the first glimpse sneak peek of the toon in action. Thankfully, we had a few well planted ToonBarn spies in ...

THQ and Mattel are now the Masters of the Universe

THQ and Mattel are now the Masters of the Universe

As if He-Man didn’t have enough to do! THQ and Mattel have joined in a multi-year pact bringing the Masters of the Universe to bring He-Man video games to fans around the globe. No specifics have yet been given on which platforms, or even which era of the heroes (the classic 80s toon, the Cartoon Network relaunch, something new, etc.) the video games will focus on, but its safe to say ...

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