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Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 Interview: Joaquim Dos Santos & Lauren Montgomery

Well, if you’ve seen the first 3 episodes, then you will have heard Arnold Vosloo’s voice. He was The Mummy. And I think we’d like to let you see it and hear it for yourself to find out what awesomeness we have to bring. Yeah, I think we can say if Weird Al is any indicator, think in that direction.

Pixar’s Return to Form: A Review of “Inside Out”

Inside Out was released in theaters this week to almost universal acclaim, something we have come to expect from Pixar. Fortunately, Pixar managed to channel some of the old magic and escape from the shadow of previous disappointments (Cars 2, Monsters University) and mediocre efforts (Brave). Inside Out isn’t one of my favorite Pixar films—actually, it ranks toward the bottom, excluding those black marks on their ouvre—but it’s still a great film and a trend in the right direction for the once infallible studio.

Review: Dragonball Xenoverse Steam Version

A close look on Dragonball Xenoverse’s Steam port may be overdue at this point considering that the game has been released for a couple of weeks now, but we wanted to keep mum until the dust has settled because PC releases (these days) seem to be plagued with launch day hitches that make games look worse than they really are. After several weeks of playtime and a couple of patches, it seems like Dimps has already had enough time to iron out launch day kinks, so it’s fair game.


First Things First: Gameplay and Content

There’s already a ton of in-depth and well-written reviews about the gameplay and content of Dragonball Xenoverse all over the Internet, particularly since the PC version isn’t different from the console versions (which has been around for months now.) but just to get things out of the way: Dragon Ball Xenoverse is basically another iteration of the 3rd person arena fighting game that started with the Budokai Tenkaichi games, with an MMORPG-lite story mode serving as the framework. People familiar with the short-lived Dragonball Online MMO will be familiar with the game, as it reuses content (story and art assets) from the MMO, including two of the 3 main villains, Towa and Mira.

It’s not like the story would be such an important aspect when it comes to a fighting game (especially one based on DBZ,) but the story goes that the two main villains have been traveling through key points in Dragonball’s timeline and changing things, such as boosting Frieza’s power levels so that he ends up killing Goku or preventing mirai Trunks from traveling back in time. So another version of Trunks from the future who is working with the Supreme Kai of Time gathers the dragon balls and wishes for a hero that will help them travel through time and correct the changes.

REVIEW: Derek Padula’s Dragon Ball Culture

I recently discovered that’s Derek Padula has released a 7-volume analysis on Akira Toriyama’s beloved Dragon Ball franchise, so I had to check it out for myself. I mean, I’ve been stealing the guy’s content for years now and posting it on Toonbarn as news. I figured the content on the book is going to last me a while.

So first things first, what’s this book called and what’s it all about?

In case you went directly to the body of the message and failed to read the title, the book is titled Dragon Ball Culture, and it’s a 160-page book consisting of Derek’s in-depth analysis of the Dragon Ball manga and anime, as well as the various works that influenced the series. It’s available in eBook (epub, Kindle, PDF) format via the official page or in print form via Amazon.

Dragon Ball Culture is an independent, unofficial work and was created without participation from any individual or company involved in creating or producing the Dragon Ball series, so don’t expect any official input from Toriyama. But Derek does provide information sourced from official channels (the book does a good job of citing sources) so it works as a good reference for canonical or official data on the series. It’s handy in case you want to get into another debate on the Internet and need facts to back your statement.

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