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Exclusive Teen Titans Go! Interview: Scott Menville

If you tune into Cartoon Network tomorrow evening at 7:30 PM ET, you will see two all-new mini-episodes of Teen Titans Go! The two mini-episodes and their descriptions are as follows: “Double Trouble” Cyborg convinces Raven to create a magical double of himself and Beast Boy so they will both always have someone to play with. “The Date” Robin gets up the courage to ask Starfire on a ...


New Teen Titans GO! Clips: Double Trouble and The Date

Warner Bros. has just released a couple of new teaser clips from the next episode of Teen Titans Go!, which is scheduled to air on Tuesday, May 6, at 7:30 PM on the Cartoon Network. We also have a bunch of non-exclusive images, in case you’re prejudiced against moving pictures (them new technologies are the pits, right?!). The first clip is titled “Double Trouble,” and features ...

New Teen Titans Go! Clips: Driver's Ed and Dog Hand

New Teen Titans Go! Clips: Driver’s Ed and Dog Hand

Warner Bros. has just released a couple of new teaser clips for the brand new animated series Teen Titans Go!, which debuted with record breaking ratings last Tuesday, April 23, at the Cartoon Network. The clips are titled “Driver’s Ed” and “Dog Hand.” The first clip, “Driver’s Ed,” features the team lounging around during one of their off days, ...


Teen Titans Go! Special Video Presentation and Q&A on March 30

3 This coming March 30, Teen Titans Go! producers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath, along with voice actors Greg Cipes (Beast Boy) and Khary Payton (Cyborg) will be part of a special Q & A session moderated by Warner Bros. Animation’s Sam Register. There will also be an exclusive sneak peek of the show’s premiere episode, which will return to Cartoon Network in April as part of ...

New Young Justice: Invasion Clip - True Colors

New Young Justice: Invasion Clip – True Colors

It’s all coming to a head in this week’s episode of Young Justice: Invasion, titled “True Colors.” Warner Bros. has provided a couple of teaser clips and a bunch of images in order to give you an idea on what to expect with the upcoming episode, which airs today, January 19, 10:00 a.m. ET/PT on the Cartoon Network as part of the DC Nation programming block. In “True ...

Young Justice: Performance

Young Justice: Performance

On the next episode of Young Justice, entitled “Performance”, we find the team going undercover as circus performers (a fitting role for Robin, right?) at the Haly International Traveling Circus, in order to catch a thief who steals weapons technology across Europe. The odd thing is, a thief is the least of their concerns when it comes to what they eventually find. ...

Young Justice: Misplaced

Young Justice: Misplaced

In Young Justice: Misplaced, the team finds themselves in a predicament as all the adults in the planet disappear, leaving them as the only line of defense left. They still get help from Zatana and Billy Batson, though… …but bear in mind that even though a team consisting of Superboy, Zatana, Robin, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Aqualad can stop a supervillain or two, they could find ...

Young Justice Targets include Red Arrow, Cheshire, Aqualad and The Light

Young Justice Targets include: Red Arrow, Cheshire, Aqualad, The Light

Cartoon Network has some special plans in store for Young Justice tonight, September 16th. Actually, the plans are much more from the villainous League of Shadows, Lex Luthor, Ra’s al Ghul, and The Light. Oh, just them? It all starts when Red Arrow actually prevents Cheshire from taking out Lex Luthor, once and for all — only to later see Roy and Aqualad team to battle with ...

Young Justice season 2 hits Targets on Cartoon Network September 16th

Young Justice season 1.5 hits Targets on Cartoon Network, September 16

It’s not quite the second season, but with a 6-month break between episodes, we’re happy to refer to this as season 1.5! Whatever you call it, Young Justice starts off with a bang this Friday, September 16th with a brand new episode called Targets. Not only do we get to see the return of all of our favorite Young Justice League (Superboy, Robin, Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Kid ...

Red Arrow returns in Young Justice: Targets on Cartoon Network Sept 16

Red Arrow returns in Young Justice: Targets on Cartoon Network Sept 16

Were you able to keep busy during your summer vacation? Because the team members of Young Justice certainly did! As they gear up for their official return to Cartoon Network, we’ll finally get back into the action with Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Red Arrow, and Kid Flash! It all kicks off Friday, September 16th, at 6:30pm (right after Batman: the Brave and the Bold) with the ...

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #6: Super Friends

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #6: Super Friends

Ahhh! Saturday Mornings with Cereal and Super Friends. This made for a perfect combination, even if the show wasn’t very good. The Theme song was very good. The Super Friends Theme starts out with a type of roll call as a strong beat is placed. The images shown are of each character highlighted in the middle, then placed into their spot under the Super Friends Marquee. It then introduces ...

Warner Premiere brings The Dark Knight Returns to DVD

Warner Premiere brings The Dark Knight Returns to DVD

Heralded as the best graphic novel of all time, it appears as the The Dark Knight Returns is finally getting the Warner Premiere treatment. Rumors are running rampant across the intrawebs that Warner Bros. Animation will officially be converting the iconic DC Comics comic book to animation, adding to their long line of comic-to-DVD projects; All Star Superman, Superman: Doomsday, ...

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