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Ryukyu Bank Advert Features Giant Robots

There are times when fans of Japanese animation get into arguments with fans of Western animation (or vice versa) over things that ultimately boil down to preference. Different people like different things. However, one thing that seems to be universally loved regardless of culture is Robots. Whether it’s transforming robots, combining robots or even robots that wear other robots as suits, people just plain love them. Ryukyu Ginko (Bank) from Okinawa knows this fact and their latest advert takes advantage of it by featuring ones designed by acclaimed robot anime director/designer Masami Obari.

You can check out the 30 second advert below:

New Teaser for Upcoming Patlabor Film


A new official Youtube channel has just been launched for the upcoming live-action film for the seminal robot franchise Patlabor, which has been given the title “The Next Generation –PATLABOR-. One of the first contents to be uploaded to the channel is a 30 second teaser for the film, featuring a CGI created AV-98 Ingram.

The first chapter of the film will consist of the episodes 0 and 1, and will arrive on theaters on April 5, 2014 for two weeks only, followed by chapter 2 on May 31. The 100 minute feature film is scheduled for release in Japan’s Golden Week (between the end of April and the beginning of May) for 2015. You can check out the teaser below:

Various Anime Mechas Collide in Battle Robot Damashii

Various Anime Mechas Collide in Battle Robot Damashii

Fans of Japanese robots should check out the upcoming PSP game titled Battle Robot Damashii, as it features Bandai’s line of mecha figures fighting it out in your handheld. The company has released a teaser trailer that shows you what kind of mecha action you can expect once the game rolls out:

Note that unlike Super Robot Wars, which had various Mecha animes’ continuities coexisting and pits its respective robots against each other, Battle Robot Damasshi pits Bandai’s mecha anime-based action figures against each other.

Bandai Releases Promo Video of Cho Gattai Robo Mickey and Friends

Bandai Releases Promo Video of Cho Gattai Robo Mickey and Friends

Details and pictures related to Bandai’s Cho Gattai Robo Mickey and Friends have already made the rounds a couple of months ago, but taking its cue from the deluge of Mecha-related newsies from Evangelion 3.0, Gundam, and Pacific Rim, as well as the revitalized Macross and Mazinger franchise, Bandai has just released a video providing a better look at their upcoming die-cast Disney combiner robot:

ToonBarn visits Voltron Headquarters: Jeremy Corray Interview, Part 3

Voltron Week at ToonBarn - Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Voltron Week!

Contest Reminder: World Events Productions has allowed us to give away 3 Voltron Prize Packs to 3 lucky winners. In order to be eligible to win, you must be a ToonBarn member and you must comment at the end of one of the Voltron Week stories or on one of the YouTube Interview Videos. If you are not signed up for ToonBarn, you can sign up HERE. Winners will be announced on Friday’s story.

Watch Mobile Fighter G Gundam at Bandai’s YouTube Channel

Watch Mobile Fighter G Gundam Anime at Bandai’s YouTube Channel

Bandai’s GundamInfo Youtube Channel has recently provided free streams of one of their most popular franchises, Mobile Fighter G Gundam. This seems to be part of a recent string of free anime streams that are being provided by the creators themselves through Youtube, and is a nice and completely safe way of trying out some of the best shows Japan has to offer, while supporting the creators legitimately.

Fanimation: New Voltron Short Film

New Voltron Short Film

There have been rumors floating around about a Voltron live-action movie in the works. But right now the status of said movie is up in the air, so you’ll have to satiate your hunger for all things Voltron by watching this fan film from Alex Albrecth. It’s not much, but it’s a great concept done right under the limited budget, and I wouldn’t mind seeing an actual movie based on it:

Amberwood, One, and eOne explore the Robot Galaxy on Rob the Robot

Amberwood, One, and eOne explore the Robot Galaxy on Rob the Robot

It’s not easy exploring the Robot Galaxy! Thankfully, Rob can count on his friends at Entertainment One, Amberwood Entertainment, and One Animation for support! Together, the companies hope to build on eOne’s existing deal and bring the Rob the Robot animated series around the globe. For those areas without ever getting to experience the toon, season one could soon be on your way. For those lucky enough to see those episodes, get ready for season two! Rob and pals star in their own CG animated adventures, exploring the fantastical Robot Galaxy for it’s many unsolved mysteries. So far, that’s had popularity sky rocketing across areas in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East, with so much more to look forward to.

Fanimation: From Pixar to Richard Sargent robots asking where’s Wall-E

Fanimation: From Pixar to Richard Sargent robots asking where's Wall-E

Throughout the history of Hollywood, there’s been an incredible collection of robots. C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars, Bender from Futurama, Rosie from the Jetsons, countless Tarnsformers and Go-Bots, etc. Hopewell Studio’s Richard Sargent, through a process that must have seemed bionic, actually sat down to draw a collage of nearly 200 bots, posing together in a classic group shot, and hiding one of animation’s favorite bots: Wall-E from the recent Disney and Pixar film. It’s a Where’s Wall-E game, just like the classic Where’s Waldo ones. Sure, it’s awesome to hunt for the little guy, but even more enjoyable just going through the entire project, looking for all the other robots you remember. In fact, there’s even a blank version so that you can number your guesses to see how many you can name. Give it a try!

Nickelodeon prepares Robot and Monster: Best Friends Forever

Nickelodeon prepares Robot and Monster: Best Friends Forever

We love Robots. We love Monsters. It only stands to reason that ToonBarn Studios would be a huge fan of a series called Robot & Monster – it’s like simple algebra. Thus, we were delighted to see that Nickelodeon is adding just such a toon to their roster! Set in a unique world where gangs of Howling Cyber Monkeys roam the streets, the world of Robot & Monster is, quite literally, filled with Robots and Monsters. Most don’t get along – that is, except for the titular characters. Robot is a self-proclaimed genius inventor, and Monster believes goo things happen to good people, believing loyally in everything Robot does. And with a best friend like that, what else could you ask for? …Except for, maybe, a pile of bacon.

Superman Classic is fan animation meets comic book perfection

Superman Classic is fan animation meets comic book perfection

Superman has had a lot of exposure. Nearly 75 years of comic books, serials, cereals (both!), cartoons, toys, half a dozen films, etc. Every example has a different perspective on the character, from look to personality. Some are hit and some are miss, and those associated, from Smallville’s Tom Welling to Bryan Singer’s recent Superman Returns. But it’s the fans who make those reactions and turn projects into legends – so maybe its the fans who know the character best of all. That’s likely the motivation for Robb Pratt, a Superman fan who used his amazing traditional and digital art and animation talents to create a minute-long toon called Superman Classic. More than just a Max Fleischer reminiscent webisode, this clip features some style and techniques that put many studios to shame. Check it out!

Televix brings Rob the Robot to new galaxies

Televix brings Rob the Robot to new galaxies

Rob the Robot is the galaxy’s most curious and adventurous robot. Along with his friends Ema (the alien linguist), TK (the walking toolkit), and Orbit (the quirky artist), the group explores the wondrous planets across the universe. The toon, produced by Amberwood and One Animation, has been doing its own exploration lately, hoping to bring the CG and 3D series around our galaxy. The latest partnership in this adventure is with Televix Entertainment, who plans to broadcast the toon across Latin America. Check out a clip of the toon in action

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