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Atomic Cartoons Signs a New Expansion Deal With Yeti Farm

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Atomic Cartoons has recently announced a new joint venture agreement that they have signed with Kelowna-based studio Yeti Farm Creative. The deal will last for three years and is estimated to be worth up to three million dollars in production value. The deal will allow Atomic Cartoons to expand their TV animation production capabilities into Kelowna, British Columbia.

Yeti Farm will help in the production of two Atomic Cartoons properties, such as the award-winning animated comedy series Rocket Monkeys, which is currently flying high on Teletoon in Canada and the US via Nickelodeon. Yeti Farm will also help in the production of Pirate Express, starting in February. The show will be targeted towards kids aged 7 to 11 and is scheduled for broadcast on Canada’s Teletoon in 2014, followed by Nine Network in Australia in 2015.

Teletoon Canada Orders More Episodes of Rocket Monkeys


Toronto’s Breakthrough Entertainment has recently received an order for 26 more half hour episodes of their hit animated space comedy adventure series Rocket Monkeys from Teletoon Canada. The announcement was made jointly by Breakthrough Entertainment co-managing director Ira Levy and Teletoon Canada’s director of original content Alan Gregg.

Breakthrough Entertainment Makes its Way to Korea

Breakthrough Entertainment Makes its Way to Korea

Breakthrough Entertainment has recently assembled an impressive catalog of lifestyle, comedy, documentary, and children’s programming line up for the Busan Contents Market, consisting of hit properties such as the zany animated show Rocket Monkeys (now a ratings hit on Nickelodeon in the US), the exciting travel series Boundless, and the multi-award winning comedy Less Than Kind.

Nickelodeon Gets Breakthrough/Atomic’s Rocket Monkeys


Breakthrough Entertainment and Atomic Cartoons’ Rocket Monkeys will be heading to Nickelodeon worldwide this spring. The 26 x 26 animated show focuses on two astronaut monkey siblings Gus and Wally, who had the unfortunate responsibility to represent earth as they go on hilarious intergalactic adventures throughout the cosmos. While Wally and Gus are well meaning, and clearly more intelligent than your average simian, piloting a rocket ship and exploring the vast reaches of space isn’t exactly the kind of thing you go into blindly, so expect a lot of hilarity to ensue.

Breakthrough to Present Rocket Monkeys at MIPCOM

Breakthrough to Present Rocket Monkeys at MIPCOM

Canadian studio Breakthrough Entertainment will be presenting a new Flash-based animated series titled Rocket Monkeys at the MIPCOM market this week. The 26×30 series is produced in partnership with Teletoon Canada and Atomic Cartoons, and will focus on the hilarious and oddball adventures of two monkeynaut brother named Gus and Walley, as they try to face the mysteries of the universe through a series of intergalactic missions.

Breakthrough Entertainment sends Rocket Monkeys to Teletoon

Breakthrough Entertainment sends Rocket Monkeys to Teletoon

If you think “Rocket Monkeys” sounds awesome, how do you think “26 Rocket Monkeys” sounds? Awesomer? That’s what Breakthrough Entertainment is hoping, as they work with Teletoon to bring the brand new animated series to televisions starting fall 2012. The toon is about monkey astronauts, or monkey-nauts, who are quite appropriately shot into outer space, venturing toward strange new worlds via their specially equipped rocket. We first got word of the cartoon about 2 years ago, and we’re happy to see it finally bearing fruit: likely bananas. Space bananas. In any event, we should be receiving more information on the title shortly. In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer for a sneak peek!

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