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RollBots roll across the globe, to DVD

RollBots roll across the globe, to DVD

Amberwood Entertainment definitely has a hit on their hands with RollBots. The animated series has been a tremendous ratings success, and the toys have also been well received. Now, the company is trying to extend the show’s reach, by signing new TV deals across areas of Europe and Asia. The deals are made for broadcast TV as well as DVD production, to bring fans up to speed on ...


Is 4Kids no more?

Tough times have been brewing in the world of 4Kids over the past few years. Last November, we reported that 4Kids was leaving the Fox network (and was being replaced by infomercials) In January, we saw the company reduce it’s employee count by 25%. Now, we’re hearing word that 4Kids is working with Montgomery & Co. to assist in a potential sale of the company. What the heck ...


RollBots to South Africa

We were there when they rolled to Italy. We were there when they rolled to Mexico. We were even there when they rolled to South America. Now, Amberwood Entertainment is working a deal with M-Net to bring the CG animated RollBots to South Africa. The toon will launch on M-Net’s KTV this September, joining with the other global destinations, as well as YTV in Canada and TheCW4Kids in the ...


TMNT, Chaotic, RollBots and others get some toys to Central and South America

Exim Licensing Group and Tycoon Enterprises are going to be in control of a number of 4Kids Entertainment properties, as they work to bring branded toys, clothing, and other products to Central and South America. Included in the deal are popular CW4Kids cartoons like: Chaotic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dinosaur King, Jim Henson Designs, Monster Jam, RollBots, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Artlist ...


RollBots are off to Italy

We knew they were on their way to Mexico, we knew they were on their way to South America, but the RollBots aren’t done rolling! Italian fans will soon be enjoying the series on MediaSet, as the network just acquired the home entertainment rights for the Amberwood Entertainment, CG animated series. RollBots are rolling ...


RollBots rolls to Mexico

Amberwood Entertainment has signed new deals to bring RollBots around to new countries. The series has already spread to the south of the border (as well as DVDs) but now we have some specifics for Mexico. Televix Entertainment will air the CG toon in Mexico, having it debut on Televisa in early 2010. In the states, the series will air on TheCW4Kids, Saturday mornings. ...


RollBots heads to DVD

Amberwood Entertainment has signed a deal with Magna Home Entertainment to produce DVDs for the hit animated series, RollBots. The first season of RollBots will … roll onto DVD shelves across Australia and New Zealand in 2010, following the broadcast on the local Network 10. 4Kids Entertainment is the global merchandise licensing agent for ...


RollBots goes to Network Ten

Amberwood Entertainment just made a bunch of Australian fans happy when it signed a deal with the country’s Network Ten to bring the CGI animated series RollBots to the network. The channel hopes to debut the series this fall, September 28th, during the Toasted TV block. Afterward, lucky fans can look forward to the show 4 times every week. ...


RollBots rolling to South America

Televix Entertainment has signed a deal to bring Amberwood Entertainment’s CG animated series RollBots to Central and South America.  The show follows Spin and the members of the Flip City Police Department, as they battle the evil Vertex and his henchbots.  RollBots premiered on YTV, and currently features its own online gaming world at ...


RollBots roll on!

We reported back in August that Rollbots were …rolling to CW, and that time is quickly approaching!  The series will debut on CW4Kids in the US and Canada’s YTV in February of 2009.  Televix Entertainment has also picked up the Latin American broadcast and home video distribution rights for Amberwood Entertainment’s CGI animated series. ...


RollBots to 4Kids

RollBots will be making its way to the CW 4Kids this fall.  RollBots is a new CGI animated series from Amberwood Entertainment. The series explores the life of robots as they travel at high speeds through the roller-coaster-like tracks of Flip City.  The robots are perfectly round, but they can grow and shrink their arms and legs whenever they want…  would be pretty freaky if we could ...

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