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Rooster Teeth Animator Creates Mega Man X Short Film

Rooster Teeth Animator Creates Mega Man X Short Film

Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary is bringing out all the blue bomber-related creativity out of people, with the most recent one being the fan-made game pitting Street Fighter characters against Mega Man – Mega Man X Street Fighter, which caught the eye of Capcom and got itself supported for official release.

Another creator getting into the spirit of Mega Man’s 25th anniversary is Rooster Teeth’s Shane Newville, who took the models from Mega Man X8 and used them to create a short film that showcases a day in the life of X:

Rooster Teeth’s New Short-Form Series: Nature Town

Rooster Teeth's New Short-Form Series: Nature Town

If you’re looking for a funny, short form animated series to watch for free, you may want to check out Rooster Teeth Productions’ new web series called Nature Town, which is described as a “bizarre blend of debauchery, argumentative nonsense and very stupid animals.”

Nature Town is voiced by the same people behind the voices of the cult hit Red vs Blue, and uses a stylized paper cut out animation style that provides a jarring but refreshing mix of photorealism and surrealism.

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