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ToonBarn visits Voltron Headquarters: Bob Koplar Interview, Part 1

Voltron Week at ToonBarn - Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of Voltron Week!

Contest Reminder: World Events Productions has allowed us to give away 3 Voltron Prize Packs to 3 lucky winners. In order to be eligible to win, you must be a ToonBarn member and you must comment at the end of one of the Voltron Week stories or on one of the YouTube Interview Videos. If you are not signed up for ToonBarn, you can sign up HERE. Midnight tonight is the LAST CHANCE to enter. Hurry! Winners will be announced on Friday’s story.

Voltron Force: Roots of Evil Review

Voltron Force: Roots of Evil

Voltron Force: Roots of Evil took the Voltron Force in a totally new direction. We really didn’t think there was going to be a change in the dynamics between the Voltron Force Pilots and the Cadets in Season 1. In this episode, Larmina proves her worth, time and time again, until she ultimately makes the move no Cadet has made to this point. She replaces her Aunt Allura as the Voltron Force Pilot for the Blue Lion. We would have expected a little more from a ceremonial perspective, though. Considering something like this doesn’t happen very often, we were expecting a lot more gallantry and hullabaloo. There was no more pomp and circumstance than a brownie becoming a girl scout. One thing that did make it special was that it concluded the episode.

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