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wizard's symphony

TRAILER: Arc System Works’ Wizard’s Symphony

Arc System Works is probably known by gamers for their sterling work on various anime-inspired fighting games. Their most recent one, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a tremendous critical and commercial success. But the truth is that they actually delve into genres outside of the fighting genre. ArcSys’ ability to produce stunning anime visuals definitely help them in this regard. Case in point, they ...

black clover

Black Clover: Mugen no Kishidan Debuts in Japan

Black Clover: Mugen no Kishidan is a mobile RPG based on the Black Clover anime series. Originally announced in July, it has recently been released for the iOS and Android platforms in Japan. While definitely targeted towards fans of the series, it is also well-suited to newcomers to the franchise, as it features an original story. Black Clover: Mugen no Kishidan gives players the chance to play ...

inazuma eleven

TRAILER: Inazuma Eleven Ares

Fans of the hyper-kinetic soccer anime/game franchise Inazuma Eleven rejoice! Level-5 has just unveiled the official debut trailer for the latest iteration in the franchise, dubbed Inazuma Eleven Ares. The trailer debuted on the Inazuma Walker Vol. 10 livestream, but we have embedded a youtube version below, for your convenience: The upcoming soccer RPG is special this time around, as it is said ...


New PV for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Shows New Features

A new promo video has been released for the upcoming re-release of the Sun and Moon variants of the Pokemon RPG franchise, which has been dubbed Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon due to a little bit of facelift they received. The new promo video outlines several of these touch ups, which include new additions to the story and features, including a brand-spanking new surfing feature. You can check out the ...


Final Fantasy XV Coming to PC in Early 2018

As a primarily PC gamer (we have an Xbox 360 and a PS4, but we spend more time on the PC), we’re not exactly proud of port begging but from time to time, it works. There’s the recent glut of Sega titles such as Vanquish and Bayonetta making its way to Steam. Now, Square Enix is joining the fray as a recent announcement made on Gamescom 2017 revealed that Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PC ...


New Field Footage Trailer Released for Ever Oasis

Don’t ever think that the arrival of the Nintendo Switch means that the Nintendo 3DS is on its way out, because the little 3D handheld that could is still getting games. It doesn’t have the same spring in its step, but it is still pretty much alive – and as proof, it’s going to get a new anime-inspired RPG in the way of “Ever Oasis,” which has been scheduled for release in the ...


Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 Lined Up for August

With Dragon Quest II getting much better critical and fan reception than its musou-inspired predecessor, it’s only right that fans get a chance to celebrate one of the most popular RPG franchises (that isn’t Final Fantasy) in the world, and they can do it on August 5 and 6 via the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017. The event marks the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Quest franchise and will be ...


Mobius Final Fantasy Coming to PC in the West This February

The PC version of the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy was already released in Japan back in November, but obviously those of us in non-Japanese speaking countries will have trouble experiencing the game even if we know how to import, on account of the game (and the franchise itself) being reliant on one’s ability to read and understand the language it uses. Thankfully, Square Enix is bringing ...


New Saint Seiya Game Coming to Mobile

If you want to take the action-packed Saint Seiya experience on the go, you will be glad to know that there’s a new Saint Seiya mobile RPG, titled Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits, getting ready to unleash its cosmo on iOS and Android devices. A recent video preview from TOEI reveals everything you need to know by way of preview and teaser, such as gameplay and customization options that will be ...


2nd Trailer for Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters

The 2nd official trailer for Bandai Namco’s upcoming Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters has just been released, further showing off just how spiffy-looking the new 3DS adventure looks. This time around, the trailer has a little bit more meat on its bones as the entire trailer clocks in at around the four-minute mark. 4 minutes of the trailer gets you a showcase of the app-like gameplay and a ...


Capcom Reveals Opening Cinematic for Monster Hunter Stories

Game developer and publisher Capcom has recently unveiled the opening cinematic for the Monster Hunter spin-off, dubbed Monster Hunter Stories. The spin-off is notable for taking the beast-hunting and crafting franchise in a more JRPG direction. The most readily observable of which is the use of anime-inspired visuals featuring large eyes and cute visuals. You can check out the cinematic below to ...


Online Trailer of Grand Kingdom Now Available

NIS America started a beta for strategy-RPG Grand Kingdom, which lets players to participate in an Online War and take down their rivals strategically. According to its latest trailer, it was a fun and pretty game. The Online War provides the players the opportunity to immense themselves into the world of Resonail and create decisions in order to influence the result of each war. During every ...

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