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WATCH: Pokemon – Detective Pikachu ft. Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to voicing CG characters, but his latest project might be a little bit lighter than his turn as Deadpool and Juggernaut: a new trailer has been released for the upcoming live-action/CG hybrid film, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. Ryan Reynolds is voicing the titular electric rodent, and the story revolves around a young man who is looking for his missing ...


Live Action Detective Pikachu Movie Premiere Announced

The Internet recently got wind of news that Ryan Reynolds has been cast as the voice of Pikachu in the upcoming live-action/CG hybrid movie, Detective Pikachu. The news is unexpected, given that Ryan Reynolds is not the first actor to come to mind when people think of Pikachu, but nonetheless warmly accepted owing to Reynolds having built up an amazing amount of geek cred for his iconic portrayal ...


Deadpool Movie is Finally Confirmed

One of the best parts of Fox’s X-Men: Origins was the appearance of Wade Wilson, because Deadpool has a large (and loyal) fanbase, and that Ryan Reynolds did a fine job portraying the merc in a mouth before he became the wisecracking, fourth wall-breaking anti-hero. The clamor for a spin-off movie was equally strong, but died down after the project was unceremoniously shelved and Reynolds went ...

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Deadpool Movie Adaptation Getting Closer to Reality

Back when X-Men Origins: Wolverine first landed on the big screens, one of the things that had comic book fans wetting their jammies in excitement was a potential Deadpool spin-off, due to Ryan Reynold’s portrayal of the merc with a mouth (which was well-received, despite being only a few minutes long) and because of the end-credits teaser. However, the possibility of a Deadpool movie ...


New Clip for DreamWorks’ The Croods

A brand-spanking new clip has just been released for DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming Prehistoric-theme CGI adventure film, The Croods. The clip shows that slapstick humor was alive even in the days of dinosaurs, so we can’t expect “two guys walked into a cave…” joke to be far behind. ...

DreamWorks’ Turbo to star Ryan Reynolds

DreamWorks’ Turbo to star Ryan Reynolds

DreamWorks Animation has recently revealed that Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern, X-men: Origins) will headline their upcoming animated film about garden snails and racecars, Turbo. Reynolds joins an all star celebrity cast that includes Paul Giamatti, Michael Pena, Luis Guzman, Bill Hader, Richard Jenkins, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez, Maya Rudolph, Ben Schwartz, Kurtwood Smith, Snoop Dogg and ...

How to Draw Green Lantern with Giancarlo Volpe

Warner Bros. brings Green Lantern to Cartoon Network November 11

Green Lantern has been on quite a roll lately. The Green Lantern comic book series from DC Comics was recently rebooted, along with GL’s appearance in Justice League and several other titles. The Emerald Knight had his own animated DVD and Blu-ray hit stores over the summer. And then, let’s not forget the Warner Bros. summer blockbuster with Ryan Reynolds that opened Hal Jordan up ...

Green Lantern In Brightest Day In Blackest Night

Green Lantern In Brightest Day In Blackest Night

On brightest screens, in blackest theaters! Green Lantern is making his way to the big screen today, June 17th, representing the latest line in super hero comic books invading the world of movies. For years, Hal Jordan has been saving folks across the DC Comics Universe, and now, thanks to DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures, he’s leaping from the comics, through animated guest ...

Green Lantern 3D movie from DC Entertainment

Green Lantern 3D movie from DC Entertainment

We’ve met Superman, the Man of Steel. We’ve met Batman, the Dark Knight. Outside of those two, the world of DC Comics up on the big screen has been rather scarce. But starting tomorrow, June 17th Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment plan to fix all of that by introducing the mass audience to another super hero, Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds will star as Hal Jordan, the man with ...

DC Comics goes green: Green Lantern in theaters June 17th

DC Comics goes green: Green Lantern in theaters June 17th

Go green this Friday, June 17th. Honestly, Green. GREEN! Why? Because DC Comics’ latest comic book super hero film is about to hit the big screen, as Ryan Reynolds stars in Green Lantern! When Hal Jordan receives the gift of a lifetime, an incredibly powerful will-power weapon in the form of a ring, he joins a group of soldiers thousands of years old; the Green Lantern Corps. Using ...

DC releases New Green Lantern Emerald Knights Trailer

DC releases New Green Lantern Emerald Knights Trailer

This is certainly going to be a green year. Sure, we hope that’s true for the environmental concerns, but our focus here at ToonBarn Studios is in the animation world, and Green seems to have that covered in 2011, courtesy of DC Comics’ superhero Green Lantern. Not only will Ryan Reynolds step into the ring across the big screen on June 17th, but less than two weeks earlier, Warner ...

DC Comics lights Green Lantern: Emerald Knights in stores June 7th

DC Comics lights Green Lantern: Emerald Knights in stores June 7th

Move over, Ryan Reynolds! There’s a new ring slinger in the DC Universe – at least the animated one. To couple the hype for DC Comics’ upcoming live-action Green Lantern film, Warner Bros. Animation is releasing a special collection of animated GL segments on DVD June 7th, called Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. Nathan Fillion will provide the voice of Hal Jordan, whose quest ...

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