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Neon Alley Expands Library With 40+ Free Episodes

This December, anime streaming service Neon Alley will be celebrating the holiday spirit by giving away stuff for free. Namely, 40+ new episodes of the top shows in their library, which will be available for free via and Hulu, and can be accessed via a wide variety of mobile and home entertainment devices through Hulu Plus.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 8: Minako – Sailor V

The latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, while still giving enough screen time to all the guardians (especially Usagi), the true star was Minako Aino, better known as Sailor Venus, hence the title being devoted to her. Besides having some nifty powers at her disposal, she’s also the only guardian with her memories intact, so she’s probably one of the most knowledgeable guardians at this point.

It’s no secret among fans that Minako is one of the most fleshed out characters in the series, owing to the fact that she was the lead character in the Codename: Sailor V manga, which predated Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and is generally compatible with it continuity-wise (Minako is the last Sailor Soldier to be discovered in the first story arc, but is actually the first to be awakened to her powers.)

Adventure Time Creator Draws Sailor Moon

The return of the Sailor Moon anime franchise made a lot of people nostalgic, particularly people who’s first exposure to anime occurred during the 90s. Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward seems to be a fan as well, as he has recently tweeted a sailor moon drawing, which he claims to have drawn perfectly “from memory.”

As expected of Ward, the drawing is done in his unique style – what came out is basically the type of Sailor Moon that would fit in with the Adventure Time and the Bravest Warriors universe. You can check out the drawing below:

Official English-Subbed Trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal

This coming July 5, one of the most influential anime to ever make it outside of Japan will be returning with a brand new anime series: Sailor Moon Crystal. Non-Japanese fans will be able to watch it as it appears on Neon Alley and Hulu. In order to get everyone excited (even more so than normal), VIZ Media has released the official English-subbed trailer. You can check it out below:


Adult Swim Pilot From Robot Chicken Team Currently In Production

The Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour! pilot for Adult Swim has been cast and is currently in production. Danger Maiden Productions’ Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt will executive produce and star alongside original Team Unicorn member Milynn Sarley (How I Met Your Mother) and Alison Haislip (Attack of the Show) as both Team Unicorn and their cartoon counterparts. Jane Lynch (Glee) voices the villainous Dark Puba, Alan Tudyk (Suburgatory) voices her sidekick, Chummy Cherub, Tara Strong (The Fairly Odd Parents) voices Billy, the boy with the ability to summon Team Unicorn, and Kevin Shinick (Mad) is the show’s announcer, a staple of the cartoon shows that inspired the pilot.

New Sailor Moon Anime to Debut in July

sailor moon

Any anime fan worth their salt knows about Sailor Moon in some capacity. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this immensely popular franchise, Toei is releasing a new anime series in July of 2014. If you don’t live in Japan, don’t worry – the series is going to be streamed worldwide on Niconico. It will carry subtitles in 10 different languages.

The series was supposed to premiere last summer. However, it suffered from a delay, much to the annoyance and frustration of loyal fans. The following people are on the staff:

VIZ Media Europe Acquires License for Sailor Moon Anime

VIZ Media Europe Acquires License for Sailor Moon Anime

Toei Animation Europe has recently signed a new deal with VIZ Media Europe for the DVD rights to the Sailor Moon anime series. The deal grants VIZ Media Europe DVD distribution rights to the iconic mahou shoujo series for all the French-speaking European countries.

This is a big break for VIZ Media, as Sailor Moon is one of the most sought-after classic anime licenses, with fanbase that is still strong to this day and a commercial appeal that could rival Dragon Ball’s (it’s been described before as “Dragon Ball Z for Girls,” which could be true if not for the fact that there are also a lot of guys who love Sailor Moon.)

Sailor Moon Reboot Scheduled for 2013

Sailor Moon Reboot Scheduled for 2013

A refresh of Toei Animation’s extremely popular Sailor Moon anime is currently under development and slated for release in the summer of 2013. The franchise was originally birthed in the fertile mind of mangaka Naoko Takeuchi back in 1992, and eventually went on to become one of the most popular licenses in the world, and became the gateway show for many non-Japanese anime fans.

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