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New One Piece Anime PV Features the Germa 66

A new teaser for the One Piece anime is making the rounds right now, and it focuses on one of the most popular additions to the property – Sanji’s genetically engineered, super enhanced family, the Germa 66. The PV only clocks in at a meager 33 seconds, but it was done by maxilla (known for the Space Dandy promotional videos), so you can expect an exciting, hyper-kinetic visual feast. And ...


Luffy and Sanji Throw Down in One Piece Anime Special Preview

This is old news for people who are up to date on the One Piece manga, but those who are only watching the anime will have to watch out for October 1 as the Whole Cake Island Arc reaches one of its most notable high points. While it’s not exactly the climax, the very emotional fight between Luffy and Sanji is about to occur. For the uninitiated, Sanji has been coerced into joining his family, ...


Interesting One Piece Facts

Like most shonen franchises that draw inspiration from history, there are a lot of interesting facts buried under Eiichiro Oda’s long-running yarn. Longtime fans already know all of these facts but for people like me who only got caught up a few months ago, the following facts could be interesting: ...

New Batch of One Piece Unlimited World: R Clips Shows Off More Boss Fights

New Batch of One Piece Unlimited World: R Clips Shows Off More Boss Fights

By now, Japanese fans of One Piece probably already have their copies of One Piece Unlimited World: Red safely in hand (or inserted in their Nintendo 3DSes) but us fans in North America and Europe will have to be content with a bunch of new gameplay clips showing off the game’s amazing Boss Fights. The new boss fights being showcased include Trafalgar Law, Dracule Mihawk, and Boa Hancock. ...

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