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Scariest Cartoon Characters #9: Mumm-Ra

« Back Next »   The Thundercats are an elite super team of half-human, half-cats, capable of taking on any foe. Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, WilyKat and WilyKit, Snarf, Ben-Gali, Pumyra, Lynx-O … even as their team grows, they become more of a family. So what could possibly cause them so much trouble? One word! …well, one hyphenated word: Mumm-Ra, ranking in at #9 ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #11: The Trix – Stormy, Icy, and Darcy

« Back Next »   Stormy, Icy, and Darcy, collectively known as the Trix, are evil personified. The Winx Club gals are pretty, confident, and powerful with Magix! Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they don’t have enemies — and one such group, the Trix, will make sure they never forget that. The Trix is a group of witches consisting of three mighty gals; Stormy, Darcy, ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #12: Jack Skellington

« Back Next »   Jack Skellington, star of the Nightmare Before Christmas, is certainly scary, but let’s get this straight — Jack is not a villain. In fact, quite the opposite, he’s the good guy! Though made from clay, and can’t weigh more than 20 ounces, this skinny lil guy is so filled with love and hope and beauty, he just happens to come from Halloween Town ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #13: Slade

« Back Next »   As I’m sure the Teen Titans would agree, Slade is an amazingly powerful force – enough so to rank #13 on our list. Also known as Deathstroke in other versions, Slade Wilson is so much more than an assassin or a mercenary. In fact, his brilliance and skill make him the ultimate criminal mastermind, able to tackle the entire Titan team on his own. He is ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #14: Megatron

« Back Next »   Megatron is the unwavering leader of the Decepticons, despite Starscream’s protests. Star Scream could only wish he ranked #14 on this list. His robot form is a towering, steel-gray monster with glowing red eyes and vicious features that transform into the most powerful fusion cannon in the universe. But regardless of form, he is utterly ruthless as both a ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #15: Ursula

« Back Next »   The Little Mermaid’s life sure would be nice and sweet if it wasn’t for Ursula, the dreaded Sea Witch, and scariest cartoon character #15! Her pale blue form sits atop jet black, devilish octopus legs that slither her about. At one time, she lived in the royal palace of King Triton, the king of Atlantica. But once the kingdom learned of her evil ways, she ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #16: Venom

« Back Next »   Venom ain’t no friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man! In fact, he’s the 16th scariest cartoon character. Once Peter Parker fully rejected his black suit look, the alien symbiote found a new home on Eddie Brock, and together the two became the powerful villain Venom. Huge in size and amazingly strong, Venom is a powerful foe. He has sharp, jagged teeth, a ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #18: Piccolo

« Back Next »   Piccolo fills in nicely at #18 on ToonBarn’s list of scariest cartoon characters. The Dragon Ball manga is the home to many fights, and many fighters with an awesome set of powers and skills. But it is the evil Piccolo, whose green, demonic, alien form, truly intimidate all in the land. He is amazingly powerful and a perfect villain for Goku in every ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #19: Yosemite Sam

« Back Next »   At #19 for ToonBarn’s scariest cartoon characters is Yosemite Sam. The Looney Tunes characters, like Bugs and Daffy, all have one thing in common – they fear Yosemite Sam. And with good reason! The cowboy bandit is terrifying! He hates anyone and anything that gets in his way, and is willing to shoot at first sight. His fiery temper keeps everyone ...

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