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KidsClick launches online live streaming option

You can now catch KidsClick live on your TV, your computer and your smart device for free. Sinclair Broadcast Group has officially launched the broadcast block’s live streaming feature, which offers viewers a 1:1 version of the day’s schedule without blackouts or cable sign ins in the United States. To make this cool feature available to more people, the Android and iOS apps have been ...


KidsClick’s fall lineup includes Hot Wheels, Winx Club, Zak Storm

Ever since its July 1st launch, we here at ToonBarn have been covering KidsClick, the new morning broadcast TV cartoon block running everyday of the week. It’s operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group and runs nationally on ThisTV stations, as well as on select local channels owned by the operator. Sinclair promised to refresh the KidsClick content library and they shared with us what’s ...


KidsClick Lineup Revealed

We’re less than two weeks away from the return of morning cartoons on network TV! We’ve covered the announcement, the shows you can expect to see, the website and some of the local promotions. However, there’s one burning question: what’s the KidsClick lineup going to be like? Well, you’re in luck. We managed to get a hold of the schedule and we’re able to ...

Looking at the Monster cast from Scary Larry

Looking at the Monster cast from Scary Larry

Werewolves, vampires, monsters, creatures, mummys, … what’s missing there, ghosts? Maybe the Abominable Snowman? Or is that covered under “monster”. It’s all so confusing, and maybe a little bit frightening, but one thing is for certain about Scary Larry – it’s awesome. The upcoming flash animated series (a co-production between Timoon Animation, ...

Lagardere Entertainment, 1492 Pictures and Timoon Animation team for Scary Larry

Lagardere Entertainment, 1492 Pictures and Timoon Animation team for Scary Larry

With vampires being all the rage right now, it’s possible some of the “lesser monsters” will be feeling lonely. But, if Scary Larry has any say in the matter, he’ll have werewolves on top again in no time! The Flash animated star from Timoon Animation and Mercury Filmworks is working with 1492 Pictures and Lagardere Entertainment to turn the monster icon toon into an ...

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