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Cartoon Hangover presents “Chainsaw Richard”

It’s a little bit early for Halloween, but Cartoon Hangover and Feel Afraid’s Christopher Reineman is bringing the scares early via a new animated short titled Chainsaw Richard. The cute, atmospheric short asks the question: how badly do you want to see a burly man with chainsaws? If you’re Tiny Ghost or his friend Ramses, the answer is VERY BAD. I mean, bad enough that you’d go through a vent full of icky slime, fight a giant multi-eyed spider, outsmart a skeleton warrior ghost, and literally suffocate to death.

You can watch the short, and wonder just how many chainsaws a single burly man could possibly hold at any given time, below:

The Scariest Cartoon Characters

The Scariest Cartoon Characters

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The Halloween spirit is in the air! No, I mean it literally! Look, there’s ghosts floating all around! But that’s OK, there just here to see ToonBarn’s awesome Halloween-themed list, the 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters of all time. There are tons of creepy and spooky villains, even frightening monsters or demons that we’re ever so thankful are animated. Or, in some cases, re-animated! We have narrowed the list down to the 20 absolute scariest — a list which starts off light, but gets more and more evil with every click. So go ahead and get started with the top 20 list! Trick’or’treat your way through, and then let us know what you think, or if we missed any of your choices!

The Peanuts gang returns in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The Peanuts gang returns in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Getting right to the point, it’s not Halloween until Snoopy says so. The same can be said for several other holidays, from Christmas to Thanksgiving. And no matter what kind of argument you use against the point, the fact remains: the holiday just doesn’t feel like the holiday unless you get to experience the Peanuts special, just like you did the year before, and the year before that, and the year before that. Once again, ABC is happy to help us out on the quest, as the classic Peanuts Halloween special, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, will air on Thursday, October 27th, at 8pm.

So Long, Halloween!


So… much… candy!!  Another Halloween has come and gone, but we hope it was a good one!  And one in which you got TOOONS of candy!  Lots of ToonBarn fans have been sending in photos of their cartoon-based Halloween costumes, and we’ll try to post them this week for everyone to check out.  We have to say, some of you guys are REALLY creative!!  In the meantime, what did you think of the special we did, about the Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters?

Scariest Cartoon Characters #1: The Joker

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 1 Joker

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ToonBarn’s selection as the scariest cartoon character of all time is none other than the Joker. Creepy. Dark. Evil. Scary like you wouldn’t believe. Funny. …funny? Well, yes, actually. Very. That’s the problem with the Joker, you can’t help but like him. At least, until he kills you. Then, the jokes on you, and this one isn’t too humorous. A true psychopath — as if clowns weren’t scary enough!

The Joker has worked his way up to the top of our scariest cartoon character list at ToonBarn, and for good reason: he scares us out of our minds!! He has been animated in dozens of forms, and each one of them is more frightening than the last. The Clown Prince of Crime reigns terror on Batman and all of Gotham with crime sprees, murderous rage, and tempered laughter. Whether it’s through a hail of bullets or his secret Joker Toxin, he’ll find a way to make you his punchline, and laugh that creepy laugh the whole time.

He is as brilliant as he is crazy, as wild as he is funny, and as clever as he is evil. While he’s gotten a nice bump in fame through The Dark Knight in theaters, the Joker has been scaring folks around the world, fictional or not, for 70 years, and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Even with all of the other scary characters on this list, we’re certain that not one of them would ever want to be in a dark alley with our number one choice. The Joker wins this contest, hands down. Check out some video footage of our champion

Scariest Cartoon Characters #2: Chernabog

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 2 Chernabog

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The second scariest cartoon character of all time is the black god demon from Fantasia, Chernabog. Though he ranks so high on the list, He is oddly not very well known. It is possible that the world of cartoons thought he was SO scary that they could only bring him around in rare occasions — otherwise they’d all die of fright! If you don’t know the character, consider yourself lucky! … so far…

Chernabog is a demon who rules over Bald Mountain. In the famous Disney cartoon film Fantasia, he is shown in the segment “Night on Bald Mountain” carrying about his evil actions to the scariest of tunes. You might have later battled him in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. In either place, he is a truly monstrous form, towering as a massive shadowy figure, with dragon-like wings and glowing white eyes. He has the ability to control demon spirits and rise ghosts from the grave to attack the light world. I told you, scary stuff, right?? Now I’m worried that because we mentioned him, he’ll be back to scare us some more!! So let’s just forget I said anything, OK??? Check out the video footage of this selection

Scariest Cartoon Characters #3: Maleficent

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 3 Maleficent

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ToonBarn’s third scariest cartoon character is Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty. A dark fairy and self-proclaimed “mistress of all evil”, Maleficent is not only a difficult name to say, but an incredibly scary one, as well! She’s so vindictively bad that she curses Aurora, a young princess, to die before the sun sets on her 16th birthday. No party for her! And why is Maleficent so mean about it? Because she didn’t get an invitation to Aurora’s baby christening. Talk about holding a grudge! Remember, always invite everyone to your parties!!!

Using her dark powers of sorcery, not only is Maleficent scary and intimidating in her green-skinned, witch-like human form, but she is able to transform herself into a giant, terrifying, fire-breathing dragon! The monstrous beast challenges all who approach her, and scares all who fear her. But one thing is for sure: whether she is in her dragon form, or her evil human form, Maleficent is always one thing: scary. Check out some video footage of this selection

Scariest Cartoon Characters #4: The Shredder

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 4 the Shredder

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Everyone knows and loves the Ninja Turtles. TMNT has been around for 25 years now, and though they’ve been through a number of changes and different series, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael have always been around to fight crime and kick shell in one form or another. But with every bright light, there is a dark shadow. And, in the case of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that shadow is the Foot Clan’s leader, the Shredder.

Through out his many forms, The Shredder is always a villainous ninja master who serves as the archenemy of the Turtles. In some tales, he is Oroku Saki; rival of Hamato Yoshi (Splinter). In other tales, he is a demon from ancient Japan, or an evil alien being known as an Ultrom. In his latest incarnation, part of TMNT Back to the Sewers, Shredder takes the form of Cyber Shredder: a programmed duplicate of his Ultrom form. But regardless of form, Shredder is always an incredible evil, incredibly scary threat — able to take on the entire Turtle team by himself. With Razor sharp claws all over his body armor, who would want to fight him?? Check out some video footage

Scariest Cartoon Characters #5: Gargamel

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 5 Gargamel

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At the mere appearance of Gargamel, 5th on our list, evil music begins to play in your head. That’s the sound of scary! The smurfs are these lovable, happy, little blue… things. People? I’m not sure. Whatever they are, they’re tiny, they live in villages made out of mushrooms and toadstools, and they’re peaceful. So, everything should be perfect for them, right? Perfect and smurfy? No no, not on a list like this!

That’s where the evil sorcerer Gargamel comes in. Gargamel hates Smurfs. HATES Smurfs. He not only wants to get rid of all of the Smurfs, but he wants to kill them, cook them, and eat them! ALL of them! I mean, talk about a bad dude. Along with his cat Azrael, who is every bit as evil as him, Gargamel spends every moment of every day hunting down the secret location of the Smurf village in his never-ending effort to destroy them once and for all. Many bad guys want to defeat their good enemies but… to eat them? Yipes. Take a look

Scariest Cartoon Characters #6: Hades

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 6 Hades

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Hades, from Hercules, is an easy choice for #6. I mean, it’s difficult to be scarier than the devil, and ruler of every deceased and creepy soul. Voiced by James Woods, Hades, leader of Greek Mythology’s Underworld, is a pretty scary guy. First off, he’s a god, and has all the power that comes with it. Secondly, he’s evil! Everything he does is death and destruction. Third… come on! His head is on fire! And his feet are made of a billowing smoke! That’s scary!!!

His minions, Pain and Panic, are always at his beck and call on his never-ending quest to take over the world. To do so, all he has to do is, oh, I don’t know… take on a whole legion of good gods, like Zeus! And then Hercules! But guess what? This guy is SO evil, and SO scary, and SO powerful that he’s just going to do it anyway! Now that is a villain! And that is why Hades is on this list. Check him out in action

Scariest Cartoon Characters #7: Skeletor

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 7 Skeletor

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He’s big and strong, despite his pale blue body. He wields an enormous, magical sword. He has a sorcerer’s ability to tap into dark magic. And… well to put it bluntly, he’s got the face of a skull!! It’s difficult to not be afraid of Skeletor, the Evil Lord of Destruction, and 7th on our list. As a dark magician, with superhuman strength, a creepy laugh, and a skeletal-head, Skeletor is a perfect fit for this list.

Skeletor is the greatest threat to Eternia, on a quest to conquer Castle Grayskull once and for all. He rules as a king over all of the land’s other baddies from his thrown atop Snake Mountain. While he typically sends his minions over to do battle with He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Orko and the rest, he will occasionally go to war himself, wielding a sword with might that only He-Man’s Power Sword can match. Check out some video footage of Skeletor

Scariest Cartoon Characters #8: Jafar

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 8 Jafar

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An evil sorcerer with plans to rule over all of Agrabah on his way to taking over the Universe, Jafar once hid himself as the Grand Vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah. However, not a day went by that he didn’t try to acquire more power, most notably through his quest to trap the fabled Genie of the Lamp. As soon as he is able to take hold over the Genie, he truly becomes the greatest nemesis Aladdin would ever fear to face. Yeah, that’s the kinda stuff that will get you ranked at #8 on our list.

While his human form is tall and thin, he is unmistakably creepy with his flowing robes of moody colors. Even Iago would agree. Once he is granted wishes through the Genie, he transforms into a giant venomous snake, capable of striking with lethal blows. But even that is not powerful and terrifying enough for the sorcerer, who commands the Genie to make him the most powerful force in all of the Universe; an all-powerful Genie. He gains demonic red muscles, spiky claws, glowing yellow eyes, and overall devil-like appearance… he went from scary, to scarier, to scariest all in a single movie! Check out some video footage

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