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Tag: Short Film

A decree from the countess of cartoon storytelling: a book review of Animating Short Stories by Cheryl Briggs

Once upon a time . . . they lived happily ever after. The reason for such everlasting bliss is that they – ambitious, upstart animation pros – have devoured Cheryl Briggs’ newest publication entitled Animating Short Stories: Narrative Techniques and Visual Design (Bloomsbury Academic).

WATCH: Award Winning Short Film – Proximity

Bent Image Lab has recently posted the award winning short film Proximity on Vimeo. The short, which was directed by Joshua Cox, is notable for being mistaken for a live action video even though it was created entirely in CG, with the exception of two props – a feather duster and a hand.

Proximity delves into the kitschy depths of love and betrayal between 3 porcelain figures as they try to live their fragile lives in an unforgiving world. The film’s director, Joshua Cox is an award-winning director, designer, and filmmaker with a passion for pushing boundaries both creatively and technically. His body of work exhibits a unique style in terms of storytelling and pace, creating emotionally driven moments and stories out of the most ordinary.

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