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New Teen Titans Go! Clip: Sidekick

New Teen Titans Go! Clip: Sidekick

A new preview clip has just been released for this week’s episode of Teen Titans Go!, titled “Sidekick,” which will air on Cartoon Network on Wednesday, November 13, at 7:30 PM. In “Sidekick,” the series addresses Robin’s “other life” as Batman’s sidekick – the Boy Wonder has been called to the Batcave, but with Batman away, his job is ...

ToonOlympics Match 11 USA vs Italy

ToonOlympics Second Round Match USA Vs. Italy

We are almost at the halfway point of our ToonOlympics competition! We want to know from the readers: Who do you think will win the whole thing? Who will come away with the Gold Medal as the Best Cartoon in the World? Take a look at the bracket, so you can see who is still competing. Let’s hear your predictions! And tell us why you think it will be the overall winner. Please comment ...

ToonOlympics Match 10 Mexico vs France

ToonOlympics Second Round Match Mexico Vs. France

The ToonOlympics are currently the only Olympics in town. We hope you are enjoying the competition, as well as learning about cartoons from other countries which you may have never seen before. Have there been any that surprised you? Are there any you would watch more, if they were accessible on a regular basis? Obviously, we want you to vote for every match, but if you feel compelled to ...

ToonOlympics Match 9 USA vs Canada

ToonOlympics Second Round Match USA Vs. Canada

We’ve reached a Milestone in the ToonOlympics! The First Round of Competition is complete! There were 8 matches. You all did a great job voting to determine who would make it to the second round. Now, as the second round begins, you will see that some of your first round winners will be going up against some new cartoons. These new cartoons all had first round byes in the competition due ...

ToonOlympics Match 8 Germany vs Australia

ToonOlympics First Round Match Germany Vs. Australia

Yesterday’s Olympic Men’s Basketball Gold Medal Match between USA and Spain was watched by millions of people all over the world, as the USA prevailed by a score of 107-100 over Spain. Amazingly enough, the ToonOlympics also had a match between USA and Spain over the weekend, and it seems USA’s Phineas and Ferb will prevail over Spain’s Lucky Fred, with the score of 34-3 ...

ToonOlympics Match 3 Italy vs Ireland

ToonOlympics First Round Match Italy Vs. Ireland

Welcome back from the weekend! Time for another ToonOlympics match! The voting on our first 2 matches is really heating up. So far, Canada is out to a commanding lead against India. And in the match between Mexico and United Kingdom, El Chavo is holding a close lead over Horrid Henry. Here are the numbers as of Monday, August 6, at Noon (EDT): Match 1: Sidekick (CANADA) = 19 Votes Chhota Bheem ...


ToonOlympics First Round Match Canada vs India

Kicking off the ToonOlympics competition today is a cartoon from India, called Chhota Bheem, matched against a Canadian cartoon, called Sidekick. Let The Games Begin! Please make sure you take a good look at both cartoons before deciding where to place your vote. It all comes down to which one would you rather watch on a regular basis, if these two cartoons were the only ones you could ever ...

Rated A For Awesome, Sidekick, and Beyblade: Metal Masters to YTV

Rated A For Awesome, Sidekick, and Beyblade: Metal Masters to YTV

As the summer sun begins the depressing fade away, the one thing that keeps crazy-people-looking smiles plastered on our faces: the fall means new cartoons! Take YTV, for example. The network has already announced portions of the upcoming, Fall 2011 schedule, and there’s some great toons coming our way! Rated A For Awesome will launch on September 3 at 8:30am, with Beyblade: Metal ...

Sidekick is the new hero on Cartoon Network

Sidekick is the new hero on Cartoon Network

Working together with Nelvana Limited Productions, YTV Productions, and Corus Entertainment, Cartoon Network is out to show you that sidekicks have every bit as much heart as their super hero partners. And no, this isn’t a promo for Robin and Kid Flash from Young Justice, we’re talking about the new animated series appropriately called Sidekick. Airing beside fellow YTV compadre ...

Review: Disney's Tangled on Blu-ray and DVD

Review: Disney’s Tangled on Blu-ray and DVD

Tangled has the weight of Cinderella’s castle on it’s shoulders, as the film has the honor, and pressure, of being the 50th animated feature in Disney’s classic line. From Snow White to Bambi, Lion King to Princess and the Frog, the entire long line leads squarely to this modern day look at the Rapunzel fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. After 5 years of development, a ...

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