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Channel 4 Provides More Info on Snowman Sequel

Channel 4 Provides More Info on Snowman Sequel

Channel 4 in the UK has just released a few key details on their upcoming sequel to the classic animated feature, The Snowman. Based on the classic children’s book by Raymond Briggs, the Snowman sequel follows the Snowman as he introduces is new bestfriend, Snowdog, and shares the magic of the winter wonderland with a new young boy. ...


Aardman Secures Snowman 2 Rights

The distritbution arm of Aardman animation studios, Aardman Rights, has recently partnered with UK based Channel 4 as international distributor of the brand new sequel to the classic Christmas cartoon The Snowman. The original cartoon was broadcasted back in 1982, and was based on the Raymond Briggs novel of the same name. The sequel is made with the intent of celebrating Channel 4’s 30th ...

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