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Sony Confirms Spider-Man Spin-Offs

With comic book movies proving to be the current hot property in Hollywood, it’s not surprising that Sony would want to hold on to the Spider-Man license, and even less unsurprising that they would want to expand the franchise further with a series of spin-offs. The spin-offs were previously just unconfirmed rumors, but recently the studio has announced plans for a Venom and Sinister Six ...

Sony Co-Chair Hints at Future Spin-Off Films for Spider-Man

Sony Co-Chair Hints at Future Spin-Off Films for Spider-Man

With comic book movie adaptations being the flavor of the month (or decade, considering how long it’s been going on), it’s no surprise that Sony already has two sequels to The Amazing Spider-Man in the pipeline. After all, they probably learned their lesson from Fox’s mistake of letting several of their licenses to Marvel properties lapse. However, what’s interesting is ...


Sony TV to Launch Animax in the UK

Sony Pictures Television Networks has recently announced plans to launch a version of their anime channel, Animax, for the UK using a subscription VOD model. In support of the launch, Viz Media has signed a multi-year volume deal with Sony in order to be the exclusive content provider for the new service. The initial catalogue that will be offered on Animax UK will include UK premieres such as ...


Director for Angry Birds Movie Announced

Rovio Entertainment has just announced that their upcoming Angry Birds 3D CG animated movie will be directed by Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis. The film is the latest in Rovio’s campaign to bring their hit IP to various platforms and mediums, alongside the successful 2D animated TV series and the long line of bestselling apps. The Angry Birds movie will be produced by John Cihen and ...


Invizimals Set to Make a Splash at MIP JR and MIPCOM

The brand new animated TV series based on Sony’s hit videogame franchise Invizimals is set to make a strong appearance at the upcoming editions of MIP JR and MIPCOM in Cannes this coming October. TVE has already confirmed their involvement in the production of the new animated series, along with Spanish development studio Novorama and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The TV series will ...


BRB and Sony Join Forces for Invizimals TV Series

Spain’s BRB/Studio 21 and Sony have recently teamed up in order to produce an immersive animated TV series based on the latter’s hit current gen game, Invizimals. The series will consist of 26 x 26-minute episodes and will feature a whole new level of interactivity via Augmented Reality features as the kids watching at home can participate and extend the experience beyond the TV ...


Sony and The Smurfs Start Their Halloween Early

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Peyo’s The Smurfs will be celebrating Halloween early this year, via the release of The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow on September 10. The TV special will feature state of the art animation techniques that blend CG animation and traditional hand-drawn techniques. It will also reunite the stars of the blockbuster film The Smurfs 2, such as Alan ...

Ratchet and Clank Film Adaptation in the Works

Ratchet and Clank Film Adaptation in the Works

Rainmaker Entertainment and indie production outfit Blockade Entertainment have recently joined forces in order to produce a stereoscopic CG animated feature based on the hit videogame franchise Ratchet and Clank.The Ratchet and Clank games first appeared in 2002 via a partnership between Sony Computer Entertainment America and Insomniac Games. The pre-production for the Ratchet and Clank movie ...

Nickelodeon and Sony Release It’s a Spongebob Christmas! Album

Nickelodeon and Sony Release It’s a Spongebob Christmas! Album

As preparation for the holidays, Nickelodeon and Sony Music Entertainment have released It’s a Spongebob Christmas! Album exclusively on digital. The brand new full length album will feature 11 tracks of original holiday themed music, with four of them being featured on the upcoming SpongeBob Squarepants special “It’s a SpongeBob Christmas”, such as Santa Has His Eyes on Me, and the ...

BRB Teams Up with Sony for Invizimals

BRB Teams Up with Sony for Invizimals

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and BRB will both be at the MIPJunior in order to present the pilot for an animated series based on the hit videogame Invizimals. Originally from the Playstation Portable, the Invizimals show will use enhanced reality techniques that will allow kids to unlock additional content on their PS Vita consoles via the show. The project is currently being handled by ... now has 4 pages of news and games!1234

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