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Haunted House: Secret of the Ghost Ball debuts on Netflix

South Korean content powerhouse CJ E&M has launched their animated Haunted House franchise on Netfix internationally. The first 24 episode season of the horror sitcom can be streamed at any time here. It’s available in both an English dubbed version as well as its original Korean audio. The service added the series last weekend. In the infamous apartment building Shinbi, Hari and her ...


South Korean Film Padak Now on Steam Net, Soon on Amazon

eigoMANGA, a San Francisco-based digital media publisher presents Padak, an animated feature film which is now streaming on Steam and coming soon to Amazon Instant Video. Padak, written and directed by Lee Dae Hee, is a Korean CG-animated film that follows the lives of fish living in captivity in a sushi restaurant. While some fish allows their doom, others choose to fight to change their fate. ...

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