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Masha and the Bear is the First Preschool Cartoon to be Viewed in Space

Animaccord’s Russian CG short series Masha and the Bear has already proven itself to be loveable enough to transcend language barriers, becoming famous the world over even before there was a translated version, but now it does one better and actually gets a world record: Masha and the Bear has recently become the first preschool cartoon to be shown in space. The event comes via a collaboration ...


Developing a Concept and Creating a Pitch Bible: Space Pirates

Hello again, fellow cartoon connoisseurs. I’ll begin in noting that this article will be a good shot different than my previous regarding Seth MacFarlane’s integrity. This article will actually be about a cartoon that I personally, and a few friends of mine, have been working on for quite some time. I was advised, and even encouraged, to begin a serial about the exploits of an ...

Play Monday morning Saucer Panic

Play Monday morning Saucer Panic

Monday means a few things: back to school, back to work, and/or back to traffic. And, as difficult as it is trying to ride where you need to go, we can’t help but think how much more difficult it would be if your car was actually a spaceship. Oh come on, you mean you’ve never thought that before!? Well, if you haven’t, now you can actually live the experience in this new ...


Play the cow jumped over the moon

I guess it’s possible, right? I mean, cows are pretty heavy and all, and not really known for their athletic ability, but I guess you could slap a few rockets on their, and you could get a cow into space. …in theory. But why bother with the theoretical, when we could just play games and watch the idea in progress! That’s what this game after the break below is all about, ...



Moonscoop has signed on with Warner Home Video to bring fans DVDs of their favorite super hero, SamSam. He doesn’t quite yet have any super powers, and he’s pretty small. BUT he does have a cool SamSaucer that let’s him fly into space, so that’s something! Warner will bring DVD packages of all seasons to fans of the comic book hero around the globe, starting in Spain. ...



An unstoppable force has traveled the galaxy for millennia, consuming countless planets and civilizations.  Its next target is Earth — and YOU are the last line of defense!!  …or, at least, that’s what Cartoon Network wants you to believe with their new show FusionFall, that starts up in a few months.  What do you think, does this sound like a good ...

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