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Juana la Iguana returns in new animated series

The classic Latin children’s series Juana la Iguana is set for a comeback through a new cartoon. London’s Hoho Entertainment has partnered up with Juana-owner JLI in Miami to produce a new 52 x 11-minute animated series aimed at preschoolers. Juana becomes a mentor and guide to youngsters Amazonas and Miguel in the new show. She leads them on exciting adventures as they discover ...

masha and the bear

Masha and the Bear Expands Reach to Spanish-Speaking US Viewers

Animaccord recently partnered with Spanish-speaking U.S. media company Univision Communications. The partnership will see the hit CG comedy series Masha and the Bear expand its reach to Spanish-speaking viewers in the U.S., via UniMas and Galavision. For the uninitiated, Masha and the Bear focuses on a precocious young toddler named Masha, and the Bear who ended up being her surrogate father. The ...

Virtual Hero

Virtual Hero: Spanish YouTuber gets anime-inspired TV series

With over 28 million subscribers and 6.4 billion views, Rubén “El Rubius” Doblas Gundersen is Spain’s most popular YouTuber. After years of goofing on video games and making skits, he’s now set to hit the world of animation with Virtual Hero, which shares the title of a comic book line he launched in 2015 with illustrator Lolita Aldea – though the animated ...

New Trailer for Spain's Metegol

New Trailer for Spain’s Metegol

A new trailer has been released for the Spanish CG-animated soccer adventure Metegol. The 3D animated feature marks director Juan Jose Campanella’s first foray into animation, with the story being based off of “Memoirs of a Right Winger” by Argentinian writer Roberto Fontanarrosa. Metegol follows the story of a shy but talented boy named Amadeo, who seeks to reunite a ...

Tad, the Lost Explorer Becomes Highest Grossing Spanish Animated Film

Tad, the Lost Explorer Becomes Highest Grossing Spanish Animated Film

This year, while the oeuvre of animated features from the likes of Dreamworks, Pixar, Disney, and Sony were breaking box office records in North America, the Spanish audiences chose to go with something a little more homegrown when choosing which animated feature to watch. This resulted in a CG feature about a Peruvian treasure hunt titled Tad, the Lost Explorer to become the highest grossing ...

Vme Kids launches with Dibo, Dougie in Disguise, Numberjacks, Bruno and the Banana Bunch, and more

Vme Kids launches with Dibo, Dougie in Disguise, Numberjacks, Bruno and the Banana Bunch, and more

Those of you with AT&T U-verse are about to get a brand new, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week network filled with cartoons, as Vme launches Vme Kids. The network prominently features animation across the board, with toons new and old joining in for the fun, and all completely for a Spanish audience. The shows include Dibo, Los Difraces de Dougie (Dougie in Disguise), Bruno y los amigos ...

Nickelodeon scores Dora's Big Ratings for Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

Nickelodeon scores Dora’s Big Ratings for Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure

And the top-rated show honors goes to… Dora the Explorer! The cute little adventurer won big time for Nickelodeon with her 10th anniversary prime time special last Sunday. The toon, Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure, was the top rated program amongst kids during the time slot, and scored the highest numbers for a Dora toon in over two years! And with all the foreign language ...

Nickelodeon welcomes Pocoyo

Nickelodeon welcomes Pocoyo

Nickelodeon has long since been known as a pioneer in the world of animated series. Helping continue that streak, the company’s sister channel, Nick Jr., will soon be broadcasting the CG animated series Pocoyo. The series, produced by Zinkia and ITV Studios Global Entertainment, will make its English-language premiere in the US, but it has long since been popular in other areas of the ...

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