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New Spoilerific Teaser for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

A new teaser trailer has just been released for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Now, whether you need to watch this new teaser or not will depend on whether you prefer going into a movie completely fresh or you don’t mind knowing things in advance, because it gives away a fairly major plot point, and also sheds some light on Robert Redford’s character.

If you plan on watching the film and want to preserve every single twist and turn, we recommend staying away from the teaser. But either way, we admit that the temptation can be too much. You can check out the teaser below if you are brave enough:

One Piece Chapter 732 Recap and Spoilers: The Underground World


Despite being focused on the assault on Doflamingo’s toy factory, this week’s chapter of One Piece feels slightly underwhelming, especially when compared to the big semi-reveal last week.

The chapter starts with Ussop, Robin, Franky and the diminutive rebels being forced to split up because Franky doesn’t fit in the tunnel they planned to use.

Franky, not wanting to remove his arms just to fit, decides to use a different route on his own, one that brings him face to face with one of Doflamingo’s high ranking staff, Senor Pink.

Bleach Chapter 562 Recap and Spoilers: The Villain II


This week’s chapter of Bleach delivered on the previous chapter’s implied promise of a new improved – and properly badass – Renji Abarai. It starts with Rukia appearing as well, only for Renji to request the she focus on brining the wounded Rose and Kensei to safety, as he claims to be enough to beat Mask de Masculine.

There’s a little bit of banter between the two, a one side-one at that because Mask crushed his eardrums in the previous chapter (in order to render Rose’s music-oriented bankai useless), but he busts out another ace from his sleeve: his assistant/fan, James, is still alive even after being bisected by Rose.

Bleach Chapter 561 Recap and Spoilers: Rose’s Bankai


Chapter 561 of Bleach starts with a fully-released Kensei Mugura rushing towards Mask de Masculine, only to be intercepted by a knee to the gut followed by a headbutt and a series of attacks that broke his arm and took him down for the count. Thankfully, his defeat isn’t a total loss as it leaves an opening for Rose to come in, and he starts by taking out the little sternritter that serves as a source of power for Mask de Masculine. He follows up with his bankai: Kinshara Butoudan.

Rose’s Bankai turns his whip into a group of dancers (the whip rolls into a humanoid shape with the star-like end of the whip being used as a face). Rose revealed that his bankai controls “music,” which is used to give the opponent illusions that the body is convinced is real, and he does this by first using a water attack and then a fire attack that actually burns Mask de Masculine.

One Piece Chapter 731 Recap and Spoilers: Guess Who’s Back from the Dead?


Chapter 731 picks up where the last one left off – with crap hitting the fan in such amounts that we can no longer even see the ceiling. In no particular order: Doflamingo has beaten Trafalgar Law to near-death, Kinemon and Zoro are being held at bay by Admiral Issho and his troop, Big Mama’s ship arriving and being confronted by the Thousand Sunny, and Luffy (disguised as Lucy) unable to leave the arena because the bars and walls are made of seastone.

Chapter 731 starts off a little bit slow, with a little bit more scene devoted to the Elves, Ussop, and Franky. Then we shift back to the arena, with Bartolomeo the Cannibal protecting Bellamy from being assassinated by Diamante, under orders from Doflamingo (for failing to kill Lucy/Luffy?). After Diamante has left (in order to follow new orders), Luffy arrives, looking for an exit after having decided that his friends are more important than winning the tournament and securing the Mera Mera No Mi.

Naruto Chapter 657 Recap and Spoilers: Madara Going Old School

Naruto Chapter 657 Recap and Spoilers: Madara Going Old School

This week’s chapter of Masashi Kishimoto’s massively popular manga Naruto has just been translated and released online, which means us non-Japanese readers can stay up to date. This is especially important as the manga is getting ready to wrap up, with the fourth ninja war already reaching its climax and the shinobi alliance is already facing the greatest threat the world has ever known: Madara Uchiha.

The chapter picks up where the last one left off, with Obito’s plan to redeem himself by resurrecting people he has killed being hijacked by the black zetsu, who then used him to resurrect Madara Uchiha instead. The scene then goes back to the Shinobi alliance and Madara, who is now stronger than he was when he was first alive due to the cells of Hashirama being implanted in his body.

IMAX Trailer for Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is about to hit the big screens on March 30th, and not just the big screens, it’s about to hit the biggest of them all, as the movie is going to be the first-ever Japanese movie to be shown in IMAX. You can check out the promo below for a few shots of Goku summoning Shenlong during Bulma’s birthday party, as well as Vegeta fighting with Bills, and our very first shot of Marron.

We also have a bit of info about the much talked-about new Saiyan form beyond Super Saiyan 3. But it’s one of the biggest spoilers of the film, so if you want to watch the movie with all the surprises intact, you can stop reading after this sentence.

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