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My Little Pony Spoofs Saved by the Bell

There is a question on whether the target audience of My Little Pony are even old enough to be fans of the 90s TV sitcom Saved by the Bell. But there is no doubt that many of MLP’s older fans are at least aware of the show and understand its pop culture significance. So the clever spoof made for the eight season of MLP will not be lost on viewers. The eighth season of My Little Pony will ...


CLIP: Teen Titans Go! – Friendship

Warner Bros. Animation has released a new clip taken from the next episode of Teen Titans Go! Titled “Friendship, the episode is scheduled to air this coming Thursday, October 2, at 6:00/5:00c on Cartoon Network. In Friendship, Control Freak uses his powers and zaps the Titans straight into another animated TV series. Or at least, a spoofed version of it (and of course, Toonbarn readers will ...


Community Spoofs G.I. Joe

NBC’s hit comedy sitcom will once again use the medium of animation in order to spoof another franchise, this time around it’s the classic 1980s animated action series G.I. Joe. The episode is scheduled to air on April 3 at 8 PM, but was already presented during a PaleyFet panel dedicated to the show last Wednesday, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. You can check out the preview below: ...


Fox Animation Domination HD Spoofs Final Fantasy VII

Fox’s Animation Domination HD, which has a habit of making fun of gaming and anime icons (past victims include Naruto and Goku) has just released a new animated short titled “FF: Grocery Catharsis,” which riffs a little bit on the popular JRPG franchise’s protagonist, Cloud. FF: Grocery Catharsis follows Cloud Strife as he tries to live a normal life, and in place of dragons, cosmic ...

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