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Mobius Final Fantasy’s Much-Awaited, Yet Messed-Up Steam Launch

Square Enix’s gorgeous free to play mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy has just launched its PC port on Steam. And while the release was greeted warmly by many fans, it ended up being a bit of a mess, as these ardent fans are greeted by a host of unintended behavior on the part of the game. For starters, the game’s launch coincided with a server maintenance that lasted for several hours, so ...


Square Enix and Marvel: What Kind of Games Will It Lead To?

With the revival of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise and Disney’s decision to focus more on licensing out their IPs for games as opposed to in-house production, nobody was really surprised that there’s going to be a new wave of Marvel AAA videogames. What is surprising is that Marvel has partnered with an unlikely name: Square Enix. The announcement revealed that the two companies will create ...


Final Fantasy XV’s Engine Blade Will Be in NieR: Automata

Square Enix is no stranger to inter-franchise crossovers – several of their games like Ehrgeiz and the Kingdom Hearts series are built around the concept – so having Final Fantasy XV’s Engine Blade show up as a weapon in NieR: Automata isn’t really a big deal, yet it’s cool enough to see it in action that the new video for the upcoming action action role-playing game is still worth ...


New Final Fantasy XV Video Tells You Everything You Need to Know

It’s not like Final Fantasy XV still needs a trailer, as everybody who’s interested are probably already getting ready to buy it (and those who are obsessed probably have it preordered or reserved), but Square Enix has recently posted a video titled Final Fantasy XV 101, which is basically an extended promo trailer with one notable difference: it functions as a good primer on the game ...


Type-0/Agito’s Ace Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy Roster

For Final Fantasy Fans who feel that the Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game is sorely lacking in representation from the franchise’s less popular entries, Square Enix has just announced that a new fighter will be joining the roster on its September 28 update: Final Fantasy Type-0’s cardmeister, Ace. While well-received and considered as one of the more effective tangents from FF’s combat ...


New Trailer Shows Off 2nd Forms for Dissidia Final Fantasy Characters

Square Enix has just released a new trailer for the current gen iteration of Dissidia Final Fantasy. The trailer as usual shows off how spiffy the game looks using current technology (even though the original already looks good on the limited hardware resources it had access to), but the most special part is the showcase of 2nd forms for each character, which are obtained either by reaching level ...


New Dragon Quest Heroes II Footage Revealed

Square Enix has recently unveiled the opening cinematic for the upcoming Dragon Quest crowd brawler sequel, Dragon Quest Heroes. Now, new gameplay footage comes out to the fore courtesy of V-Jump, with the video poised to build momentum in time for the game’s launch in Japan next week. The footage shows off a preview of the playable Atlas taking on multitudes of enemies before taking on an ...


Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remasters Make its Way to PC

Final Fantasy fans have no doubt noticed that Square Enix has recently started building a more prominent library on Steam. They’ve released several of the main numbered series on the PC platform in the past, but recently they have started releasing the remastered versions of the titles on Steam as well, which already looked good on current and previous gen machines, but when done right look ...


Final Fantasy XV CG Movie Announced

The production of Kingsglave: Final Fantasy XV has been announced by Square Enix. Based on the RPG videogame, the CG-animated, feature-length film tells a tale that runs simultaneously with the game’s. The project is being directed by Takeshi Nozue, who also co-directed Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. According to Nozue, the core team who worked on Kingsglave is also the one who worked on ...


Final Fantasy IX Makes its Way to Smartphones

Last December, Square Enix announced that one of the most underrated installments in the numbered Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IX, will be making its way to the PC and smartphones. The developer did not provide a concrete release date, but surprised everyone this week by going ahead with an iOS and Android release. The new mobile ports of Final Fantasy IX, while not a full HD remake, ...


Final Fantasy IX Coming to PC and Smartphones

Square Enix has recently announced plans to bring another Playstation-era installment of the Final Fantasy franchise to modern players, via the PC, iOS and Android platform. The ninth installment in the numbered series didn’t get the same attention as VII and VIII, but it’s a very solid game that fans who gave it a chance actually consider it technically better, and more true to the ...


Squeenix to Bring Lightning Returns and Dragon Quest Heroes to PC Next Month

Despite all the complaints (technical and business model-related, valid and invalid) Square Enix has received over their most recent PC releases, the publisher seems determined to continue re-releasing many of their previously console-exclusive titles to the PC platform, with their most recent announcement being plans for a PC release of the Musou-inspired action game Dragon Quest Heroes and the ... now has 4 pages of news and games!1234

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