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Stan Lee Passes Away at 95

According to recent reports, iconic comic book scribe, editor, publisher, and king of superhero movie cameos Stan Lee passed away early Monday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA. He was 95 years old. The cause of death has not been reported, but considering his age, there are no controversies regarding the undisclosed reason. Stan Lee is credited as one of the key drivers of the ...


WATCH: Stan Lee’s THE REFLECTION Promo Video

A new promo video has been released for the upcoming anime series THE REFLECTION, which is notable for featuring the talents of musician Trevor Horn, director Hiroshi Nagahama, and legendary comics scribe Stan Lee. The anime is slated for a July 22 debut on NHK. You can watch the promo video below: THE REFLECTION’s story is set in a fictional version of Earth that has been subjected to a ...


Visuals Revealed for Stan Lee and Hiroshi Nagahama’s THE REFLECTION

Key visuals for the upcoming original superhero TV anime series THE REFLECTION have been released on the official website, with the visuals providing a glimpse of the four main characters as well as their voice actors, along with a few details about additional characters. You can check out the image below: (clockwise from the right upper corner) Eleanor Evarts: Mariya Ise (Urara Kasugano/Cure ...


New Product Line Launched for Stan Lee’s God Woke GN

Digital celebrity-autograph and personalized memorabilia platform RACKFEST, INC. has just partnered with Stan Lee’s POW! ENTERTAINMENT in order to launch a new limited edition product line for Stan Lee’s successful “God Woke” graphic novel. God Woke is notable for the hardcover version that was honored with the Outstanding Book of the Year Independent Voice Award at the 21st annual ...


Disney XD Unveils New Footage for Marvel’s Spider-Man

Disney XD has just released the first sneak peek footage for the upcoming animated series Marvel’s Spider-Man, which promises snarky web-slinging and wall-crawling action from your friendly neighborhood spider-dude. The clip features a 15-year old version of Peter Parker trying out an early prototype of his costume (a nice way of saying that it looks really bad and amateurish) while mustering ...


Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment Company Acquired by Chinese Holding Company

China’s Camsing International Holding has recently inked an agreement with Stan Lee’s media and entertainment company, POW! Entertainment. Under the agreement, Camsing acquires the library of IPs under POW! Entertainment for use in film, TV, games, virtual reality, animation, live events, tours, comics, and publishing. Camsing is said to be planning to use POW!’s IPs in order to create ...


Sony Expands Distribution Deal with Genius Brands

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has recently expanded their home entertainment distribution agreement with Genius Brands International, which will now cover worldwide home entertainment marketing and distribution of the Kid Genius and Baby Genius labels from all of Genius Brands’ properties. Aside from the expanded global distribution agreement, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has also taken ...


Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 Heading to Cartoon Network Latin America

Genius Brands International, Inc., has recently announced the signing of a multiple territory broadcast licensing deal with Cartoon Network Latin America for Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 (SLAM7). Created by legendary comic book creator Stan Lee, SLAM7 is a joint venture between Lee’s POW! Entertainment, Archie Comics, and Genius Brands International. The animated movie is promised to be merely the ...


Stan Lee Has Advice on How Batman v. Superman Can Make More Money

While Stan Lee has already confirmed that he won’t be making a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy (mainly because Lee didn’t have a hand in the creation of the comic it was based on,) he did confirm that he’s going to be doing his traditional cameo for the Avengers’ sequel, Age of Ultron. “All it can do is make it better for Marvel if we do these movies and the movies are ...


Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 Gets New Consumer Products Partners

Genius Brands International has recently announced a new batch of licensing partners that have signed up to create merchandise based on Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, a brand new animated film trilogy that was created together with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and Archie Comics. The announcement was made by Genius Brands International’s Chairman and CEO, Andy Heyward. A list of the new partners: ...


Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 to Debut on The Hub Network on February

This coming February, Stan “The Man” Lee’s latest animated movie, Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, will be making its grand debut on the Hub Network. Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 is part of a trilogy from Stan Lee Comics and features an all-star cast that includes Sean Astin (“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy), Jim Belushi (“The Defenders”), Mayim Bialik (“The Big Bang Theory”), Darren Criss ...

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