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RUMOR: Apple in Talks with Cartoon Saloon Over an Animated Movie

According to rumors floating around on the Internet, multinational tech company Apple, Inc. is currently in talks with Ireland-based animation studio Cartoon Saloon over the rights for an animated movie, which will be part of the Cupertino giant’s upcoming slate of original video offerings. There are still no details and the movie is said to […]


A Final Word on the “Techtopus” Wage Suppression Scandal and its Implications

To read Mark Ames’s (should in a better world win him a Pulitzer) reports exposing this scandal for the for the first time: Click Here and Here. To Read up on my response and the news articles dealing with the scandal, click these links: The Animation Anti-Trust Lawsuit now can go forward, which is […]

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Pixar Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs in Brave End Credits

According to the Wall Street Journal, Pixar will be paying special tribute to the Apple co-founder in the end credits of Disney/Pixar’s Brave. An early cut of film is said to feature a short scene in the end credits where a will o’ the wisp appears on screen and flits around Steve Jobs’ name.