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WWE Wrestlers Get Animated in WWE Slam City

The WWE has recently signed a partnership with Mattel for a new venture called WWE Slam City, which consists of an original animated 26 x 2 minute series and a complete line of kid-friendly merchandise. The first four episodes were recently launched in the US, Canada and UK via the official site and Cartoonium on Youtube, while a toyline consisting of action figures and ring sets ...


Disney and Google Team Up for Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story

Disney Interactive and Google have recently partnered in order to develop and launch a new animated short film titled Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story. The short clocks in at 38 minutes, and will be made available via Google Play on February 23. Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story is based on the popular Disney Parks Vinylmation collectible franchise, and will use stop-motion animation in order to ...


Banpresto Produces One Piece Stop Motion Short: One Piece Cry Heart

In order to promote their latest crane game figure prize series “One Piece Cry Heart~The Cherry Blossoms That Fall on Winter Island,” Banpresto has released a five minute stop motion animated short and posted it on the web for fans of the series. The short features a stop-motion version of a famous scene from the 17th volume of the manga, “Hiluluk’s Cherry Blossoms.” There’s no ...


Trailer for Mikey Please’s Marilyn Myller Released

Hornet director Mikey Please has recently released the official trailer for his latest stop motion short film, Marilyn Myller, which took an entire year to make and features the voice of Josie Long, Please’s trademark hand carved tiny foam objects and puppets, and various long exposure lighting techniques. ...


Fanmade Zelda Stop-Motion Short Features Black Rock Shooter

Youtube Stop-motion animator Counter656 has already made a name on the Internet due to his series of low-budget, yet time-consuming and highly impressive stop motion shorts, which featured different franchises from Dragon Ball Z to Armored Core. His latest is a Legend of Zelda short featuring the adult link, but with a different twist. In the video, Link finds himself in a situation where the ...


Cell Returns in Dragon Ball Z Stop Motion Fan Film

It really tells you how bad Hollywood’s attempt at a live action Dragon Ball film is, when a single guy armed with a camera, a set of action figures, and lots and lots of time managed to create a stop motion fight scene that’s infinitely more watchable and faithful to the series than the dreg that is Dragonball: Evolution. Part one of the Dragonball Z stop motion fan film had Piccolo ...


Two New Projects from Bent Image Lab

Bent Image Lab has just released two new stop motion shorts for Comedy Central’s Kroll Show and for Arrowhead. The first is titled “Demo Monster,” which mixes Bent Image Lab’s stop motion animation techniques with live action, in order to bring to life the titular monster, which is a machine that combines all of the network’s target viewers into a single creature ...


Dragonball Z Stop Motion: Trunks vs. Gundam vs. Piccolo

In case you’re all giddy for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie, Battle of the Gods, but can’t stand the excruciating wait for it to come to North American shores, you can scratch that Saiyan itch temporarily by watching the brilliant Dragon Ball Z fan short from Taiwanese animator counter656, which uses stop motion animation to bring to life a series of battle royals featuring your favorite ...

Stop Motion Recreation of X-Men Cartoon Intro

Stop Motion Recreation of X-Men Cartoon Intro

If you were comic book fan in the early 90s, the X-Men cartoon was a really big deal. First, it was the X-Men, which reinvigorated the comic book industry at that time. Second, the cartoon was not dumbed down for kids at all. Some of the more violent aspects were removed, but the cartoon stayed as dark as the source material and tackled mature subject matter. Best of all, it had one of the most ...

Batman Stop Motion Fanfilm: Dark KnightFall

Batman Stop Motion Fanfilm: Dark KnightFall

So you’ve just watched The Dark Knight Rises, you know that it’s the last time you’ll see Christopher Nolan’s Batman, and you’re a little bit sad at the realization that the next big screen Batman may be a lighter take in order to make him fit in with the possible Justice League movie (think of a Batman who lives in the same movie universe as Ryan Reynolds’ ...

Toys in the Attic to Open in New York

Toys in the Attic to Open in New York

New York audiences will have a chance to enjoy Jiri Barta’s new stop-motion animated movie Toys in the Attic on August 25 and 26 at 11 AM at the IFC Center. The version of Toys in the Attic that will be shown in August is the same version as the grand prize winner from the NYICFF 2010 but with a new English dub, which features the voices of Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack, and Cary Elwes. ...

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