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Cyclops – Wolverine and the X-Men

The upcoming series Wolverine and the X-Men is only a few weeks away, starting January 23rd, at 8pm, on Nicktoons Network. To hype up for the event, Professor Xavier, along with Nickelodeon’s help, has created a profile on his top mutants. This episode features Cyclops, with a detailed look at his powers and abilities. Check it out after the break! ...


Black Panther

Marvel is bringing the Black Panther to TVs near you, directly ported from the popular comic book series.  The primetime animated series will begin airing on BET early next year.  The Black Panther has previously appeared in the direct-to-DVD animated feature Ultimate Avengers 2 back in 2006.  The title character also appears  in the Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow as Azari, the son of ...

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