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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Trailer Teases New Features

Back when Street Fighter V was released, the game received a lot of flak for the lack of an Arcade Mode. And while there were ways to fight the CPU, such as the Versus, Survival and a rudimentary Story modes, people still wanted a proper Arcade Mode. It took a while, but Capcom seems to have listened to their fans (or saw an opportunity to squeeze more money out of the fans, depending on your ...


Street Fighter V’s Final DLC Character for Second Season Revealed

During the South East Asia Major tournament in Singapore, Capcom has unveiled a new promo video that reveals the final DLC character for Street Fighter V’s second season, named Zeku. Described as an “ever-changing ninja,” Zeku is said to be the 38th grandmaster of the school of Bushinryu Ninjutsu and the mentor of Final Fight’s Guy, who is also part of the Street Fighter roster now after ...


Balrog Makes His Way to Street Fighter V

The promised June update for Capcom’s latest iteration of the Street Fighter franchise, Street Fighter V, may be running a bit late but the little bit of delay may be worth it because it will now include the much-awaited cinematic story mode, as well as two characters: Ibuki and everybody’s favorite punch meister, Balrog. The reveal trailer shows Balrog in action, and ironically enough, in a ...


Street Fighter V Releases New Full CG Trailer

We’re only a week or so away from the February 16 release of Capcom’s Street Fighter V, and the iconic studio has seen it fit to tease fans even harder with an all new full-length CG trailer, which should be enough to get fans excited due to its showcasing of all 16 characters. Unless you’re the kind of fan who’s already played the game as part of the beta, in which case the characters ...


Capcom Releases Sneak Peek at Street Fighter V Tutorial

One of Capcom’s plans for the upcoming Street Fighter V is to make it the most accessible iteration of the long-running fighting game, and the most recent video clip they released provides a hint as to how they plan to do it: by providing a tutorial that’s even more in-depth than the training modes included in the previous games. There’s also the bonus of giving insight into Ken and Ryu’s ...


Screenshots Reveal New Street Fighter V Character: Laura

With Capcom’s recent confirmation of Zangief as one of the playable characters in the upcoming Street Fighter V, fans wouldn’t expect a new character reveal so soon. But the adage ‘Information Wants to Be Free,’ seems to apply in this case, because a new batch of screenshots has been leaked ahead of schedule, opening the doors early on a new addition to the roster: the green gi-wearing, ...

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