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Doctor Strange Film Gets an Official Release Date

Despite not having cast the lead role yet, Marvel has recently announced the official release date for Doctor Strange, which serves as a confirmation that the film is pushing through. Previously, fans speculated on whether the film is progressing or has been sent to development limbo due to lack of solid casting news. The official release date for Doctor Strange (no confirmation on whether this is going to be the exact title yet) is July 8, 2016 in the US.

Mercury Filmworks Launches New European Studio and Appoints Alan Gregg as President

Canadian studio Mercury Filmworks has recently announced their expansion into Europe’s creative market, with former Teletoon content chief Alan Gregg spearheading the effort. The move will see the launching of Mercury Filmworks Europe, which will function as a stand-alone operation with development and production activities that cover service, co-production, and proprietary business structures. The new studio will be located in Dublin, Ireland.

The Middle East’s First Anime: Torkaizer


Abu Dhabi’s Alter Ego has recently released the second promo video for Torkaizer, which is a mecha anime homage that they refer to as “the Middle East’s first anime.” The promo certainly looks good, and even provides English subtitles, but you won’t be able to watch the anime in full yet because the studio is still looking for funding in order to complete the whole series.

You can check out the video below:

Pixomondo Shuts Down Shanghai Office and Abandons Film Business Work


A recent report by reveals that VFX studio Pixomondo is closing down its Shanghai office and shuttering their film business work, further continuing the downward trend for the VFX studio industry this year. Studio founder Thilo Kuther stated that they have laid off around 20 animators and artists in their Shanghai office, following the closures of their London and Detroit offices. Around 12 employees were relocated to their Beijing office.

Kuther also reveals that Pixomondo will be gravitating away from feature work in order to focus more on design and conceptual work. He notes that Pixomondo is not near bankruptcy and is not closing. With about 850 employees in about 12 cities around the world, about 30% of Pixomondo’s revenues came from Hollywood animation and vfx features.

Gotham Group Joins Forces with Principal Entertainment


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the management and production company The Gotham Group, which represents a large number of animation professionals, has recently launched a joint venture with talent management outfit Principal Entertainment Los Angeles. The companies will continue to operate at their respective offices on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

“The intersection between PELA’s impressive talent representation capabilities and Gotham’s broad expertise across the animation, film and television worlds will expand opportunities for all our clients,” said Cotham CEO Ellen Goldsmith-Vein

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